How Do I Choose My Beard Style

Growing a beard may seem trendy, but it is difficult to choose a style that suits your face cut and maintain it. The first step of growing a beard may seem easy, but you will still require expert grooming services to get the desired look. Without professional help, your look can turn out to be the opposite of what you had expected. 

Over the years, the styling guide for men has changed drastically. From professional body grooming to styling services, every man wishes to consult a professional to bring a likable transformation in one’s personality. Beards seem to have become a game-changer in defining a man’s charisma. From corporate beard to heavy stubble beard and scruff, we have to see them all being the top choice of the style icons. So in case, you don’t know which beard style will suit your face go through these easy styling tips. These tips and tricks are sure to eliminate the need to go to a beard stylist. 

Important Tips To style Your Beard 

1. When And How To Start

If you decide to grow a beard and bring a change in your look, you should stop shaving. Don’t use the trimmer or razor for at least three to five weeks. After that, go through the various beard styles worn by people with the same face cut as yours. Choose the right style for yourself, and then don’t forget to use professional or organic products to maintain hygiene, including beard balms and oils. 

2. Purchase High-Quality Tools 

Trimming your beard on a regular basis with high-quality tools, including a professional beard razor, trimmer, or both, is vital. You must invest in a top-quality trimmer or shaver with adjustable accessories and a trimming guide. The attachments will help you shave sensitive areas like neck and chin curves with utmost perfection and ease. 

3. Don’t Trim When Your Beard Is Wet 

When your beard is wet, your hair is heavier and slightly longer. This is why professionals suggest that we must not trim our wet beard. It is easier and more comfortable to trim dried beard hair. 

4. Comb Your Beard Hair While Trimming 

You should always comb your beard hair before trimming. After combing your hair, trim the extra hair coming out of the comb. This technique gives desired results, and suits all face cuts. You might have to practice for a while, but then you will be able to trim your beard each time perfectly.

5. Before Moving Into Internal Areas, Trim The Border 

It would be best if you trim the beard borders before moving inwards. For round or square beards, invest in a professional trimmer with attachments. Adjust the length of your trimmer so that you are not nervous before shortening the trim. Also, make sure to keep the length consistent throughout and trim longer areas of the beard using a pair of scissors. 

6. Be Careful 

Before trimming your beard at home, be sure to master the techniques of beard styling. Don’t be in a hurry, and keep a piece of adjustable beard equipment to adjust longer lengths first. 

7. Shape Your Whiskers

Use a beard oil or beard balm or styling wax if you want to shape your mustache and whiskers. To apply wax, first, melt it between your fingers, and after that, pat it over the hair. These products give desired results for longer durations. 

8. Don’t Forget To Trim Hair On Your Neck

After trimming hair on your chin and cheeks, firmly shave your neck. The neck is a sensitive area, so you need to be very careful. You can adjust the length of the trimmer to comfortably crop the hair and then shave the remaining portion on your neck. 

Which Beard Style Is The Best For You?

You may come across several beard styles these days. The most famous ones include sideburn, goatee, royal, chinstrap, Fu Manchu, circle beard, full beard, pencil, anchor, Balbo, Van Dyke, ducktail, mutton chops, and soul patch. To choose the right beard style for yourself, ponder over the below-mentioned factors. 

  • How is your lifestyle? 
  • What is your profession?
  • What are your genes?
  • What is your face shape? 

The answers to these questions will surely help you decide the right beard style for yourself. If not, you can consult a professional for the best advice. Seeking a professional’s help will not only give desired results but will also save time. 

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