How Hiring an Attorney Can Increase Your Potential Settlement Offer?

While dealing with a personal injury claim yourself might sound like it’s the best idea to get compensation after a car accident, in most cases, it will not be ideal. The question that will cross your mind will be does hiring a lawyer increase your case value?

Working with a personal injury lawyer will not cost you anything. They will handle negotiations with the insurance company. Recent data will show that people who hire injury attorneys stand a better chance of receiving what they deserve in settlement than those representing themselves. 

So, if you wish to know if a lawyer is beneficial to your case, read on to learn more. 

Don’t Accept the First Offer If You Believe the Claim is Worth More

Have you been involved in a car accident because of negligence? If this is the case, you think it is vital to contact an experienced injury lawyer. While you may find that the insurance adjuster is willing to assist, you need to be careful and know that their job will protect the insurance company’s interests. 

The insurance adjuster’s role is to represent the insurance firm and stall the process, not get what you deserve. They will try and find a way to reject the claim or blame you for the accident. This is what they’re paid to do, and they are aware of the tricks to use. If you don’t hire an injury lawyer, the insurance firm will stand a better chance of getting what they want. 

The law doesn’t say the insurance company has to give a settlement to the victim for the damages after a car accident. Only the courts can make that choice. To prevent you from working with an experienced lawyer and suing the insurance firm, the adjuster will often attempt to settle the claim early and make you not pursue the lawsuit again. 

But the big question will be, what if the settlement isn’t what you deserve?

You could sue them, but they won’t be worried if you don’t hire an injury attorney. Insurance companies have professional lawyers who have vast experience handling these claims daily, and they will be prepared to go to court. If you don’t know what to do, a costly mistake could get the case dismissed. 

Do you understand how to gather evidence and present it in court? Are you ready to represent yourself against the insurance company’s lawyers? If not, you need to seek a professional injury lawyer to help you. 

Injury Lawyer Will Understand the Value of the Case

If you don’t know how to approach a personal injury claim, there is a chance you also don’t know how much you could get for the claim. Of course, you might find a personal injury compensation calculator on the internet that will offer an estimate, but it is advised that you don’t count on the calculators only. 

Several things may be considered when knowing the worth of the claim that a personal injury attorney can know. Even so, the estimates can be off. Until the claim is heard and settled, you need to be open-minded.  

With that being said, a personal injury lawyer will consider several factors when deciding which amount is fair after: 

  • Assessing the damages and injuries
  • Know the insurance company’s tactics
  • Assess your trauma
  • Know the amount needed for your medical bills after speaking to the physician

Handling Negotiations with Insurance Companies

One way insurance companies will do when you pursue compensation is stringing you along until you find it too late to seek professional assistance from a lawyer. They may request you to offer the medical bills to confirm you get compensated after you recover. But they may pay a low amount after receiving treatment. If this happens, it may be late to contact a personal injury attorney. The insurance firm will be aware when they do this. 

Let’s face it. You need to be paid the total amount for your medical bills. Also, you need to be compensated for property damages, lost wages, and trauma. Even though you may accept any amount offered, the evidence gathered may show that you deserve more. That’s why it is crucial to hire a car accident attorney. 

Most people are not aware that personal injury lawyers will not charge you anything to pursue the claim. They will receive a fee when the case is won. So, it is crucial to remember that you don’t have anything to lose.

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