How Much Compensation Could A Car Accident Lawyer Claim For You?

People who suffer injuries from car accidents may face significant financial strain besides the injuries. Additionally, even if the insurance pays for some of the expenses you incur from getting hurt, often, you end up with piles of medical bills and other expenses you can’t afford while at the same time needing time off work to recover. A study conducted by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) showed that for particular accident-related injuries, individuals who hired a lawyer had average insurance payouts 3.5 times higher. So it is crucial to seek a car accident lawyer from Milwaukee to help with your claim process.

But how much can a car crash lawyer claim for you?

People entitled to receive settlement often ask how much money they expect from a car accident claim.

Get a skilled legal representation

Hiring an experienced accident attorney like Eric Ramos Law, PLLC, to present your interest is a great idea. And the sooner you get a lawyer, the earlier they can start protecting your rights against tactics insurance companies use. They are also able to build a case for maximum possible settlement. Learn more about them.

A Settlement Agreement

In most of the cases, the injured person and the liable party have a settlement agreement spelling out:

  • What amount the victim to receive and the timing of their payment
  • The victim’s legal rights they should give up once they agree to the payment
  • Other actions the involved parties agree to take to resolve the claim.

After signing the agreement and fulfilling the requirements, there is no turning back. Settlements terminate the rights a victim has to make additional settlement claims.

How much is a Car Accident Settlement?

So, how much can you receive as a settlement for car accident injuries? The answer to this question is that there is no specific, definite amount you should receive. Every car accident has unique facts and circumstances that help to determine what amount you can receive.

Rights to Damage

Someone whose unjustly dangerous actions or decisions lead to a car accident that leaves another person injured has a legal liability to meet the victim’s damages. Often, one or more persons, companies, or even government entities may bear liability.

A car accident victim can demand payment from involved liable parties for injuries and monetary as well as non-monetary losses. The damages include:

  • Expenses for medical treatment
  • Non-medical expenses a victim incurs as a result of the injury or accident
  • Lost income both present and future resulting from missed work or inability to get back to work due to the injuries
  • The pain, suffering, and victim’s reduced quality of life as a result of the injuries
  • Punitive damages to deter and punish outrageous or reckless behaviors that led to the accident.

What amount you receive from the various damage categories largely depends on the severity of the injuries and the prospects for making a recovery. More severe injuries tend to have a more significant impact on your life, so you will likely claim more for your settlement.

An experienced car accident lawyer works with you to evaluate the various ways an automobile crash injury harms you and then translates that harm into a claim amount.

Realistic Expectations for Settlement

Just because you’re a victim of a car accident and have the legal right to get monetary compensation from the liable party does not mean you should realistically expect to get the total amount for the damages. Several factors influence whether or not you get full payment, they are:

  • The number of parties liable for the injuries you sustain
  • Financial resources available to cater to the damages you experience
  • The number of victims involved
  • The degree of dispute about damages and liability

Your priorities as the victim also play a role in determining what you are likely to receive. If you insist on getting a settlement as fast as possible, you will likely receive less money. If you are patient enough and allowed the legal process to take its course to the moment where a car accident attorney can get a more favorable settlement, you will likely receive more money. 

Giving Yourself the Best Shot

As a car accident victim, you need to know how you can improve your chances of getting the full value of your accident claim. Every case is different – no one-size-fits-all strategy to help maximize your settlement amount. However, when you follow these tips, you are in the strongest possible position to get a favorable settlement.

Seek medical care and adhere to doctor’s advice

It’s essential you take care of yourself if you are to receive a better settlement. Allow the emergency medical team to check you out at the accident scene. Ensure you visit a primary care doctor within 24 hours of the crash to ensure a complete check-up by a qualified doctor.

Seeking medical care is essential because you want to protect your health. Even minor injuries may turn into significant complications. Again, visiting a doctor allows you to create records to show the link between the crash and the injuries you sustained. It also shows that you took the injuries seriously. The records are vital when seeking a settlement, and they protect you against parties disputing the seriousness of the injuries or the claim you make.

Avoid first offer by an insurance company

An insurance company may reach out to you to get you to talk about the crash and make a quick offer. You should not take the bait – it’s mostly a trap. What you say to insurance adjusters can be a reason for the insurance company not to pay you, or it could trick you into accepting a settlement offer, which is often far less money than you deserve.

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