How to Become a Window Glazier?

A glazier is a person who works for fitting, repairing and replacing the broken, damaged or new glasses. They fit or install glasses in buildings and other various constructions. And window glazier generally works for window glasses.

Moreover, the income rate in this sector is very high. If you have an interest, you can choose it as a profession. For this reason, you need to know how to become a good window glazier first.

Works of a Window Glazier 

A window glazier works mainly for fitting or repairing glasses in windows. He also does other glass manufacturing works in buildings and other structures. Glaziers do jobs on behalf of various glazier companies.

On the other hand, local glaziers work for their local community on payment. Such as, you are a window glazier, and a window of your local shop is broken. Then you have the responsibility to glaze the window, although it is on payment. A window glazier not only glazes or fits a window but also repairs the broken or damaged windows.

Training for Window Glazier

To become a window glazier educational qualification is not that much needed. But in order to grow up a successful business in this field, some basic training is a must. On-site experiences are best for window glazier training.

Working on-site involves practical training by some expert window glaziers. They assist you in teaching you the window glazing procedure for a long yet limited time. There is a specific route for this on-site working also. 

People recognize the route as OSAT, which implies an On-Site Assessment and Training route. Try to connect with professional window glaziers for the training. After you have achieved the training once, you should make a list of all the relevant websites (vitrier Bruxelles) for better glazing works.


It is previously mentioned that no educational qualification is needed to become a good window glazier. But you need better training on construction and all other related issues. In order to give professional training in this field, there are lots of organizations, for example, NVQ.

You learn or get training on window glazing from NVQ and can become a good window glazier. Not only NVQ but also from other organizations, you can learn the guidelines for becoming a good window glazier.

Window Fitting Courses

Several organizations offer professional window fitting courses. Such as,

  • CITB that stands for Construction Industry Training Board
  • GQA or Glass Qualifications Authority
  • CSCS standing for Construction Skills Certification Schemes

These organizations work to train you up in several window fitting courses. You need to have GCSEs or identical qualification in math or English to understand these courses. Getting training or guidance from any of these trade companies increases your opportunity for better income.

You can also get an idea of how to build up your own window glazing business and capture the market needs. In these courses, you will get to know how to fit or install new glass in the window, replace broken glasses and repair the damaged ones.

If you have a clear idea, you will be able to provide good service to your clients. And this will increase the chances of your work opportunity and income rate. 

Income Rate

Like other jobs, a window glazier earns a good figure if he can provide good service to the customers. According to a government estimate, as window glazier gets around £12000 in the starting period.

When he becomes experienced, he can earn almost £27000 per month. Non-government organizations offer big amounts sometimes. Some of them offer £17000 to £20000 in starting, £20000 to £35000 for experienced workers and £35000 to £50000 for professional or senior-most glaziers. Employed glaziers earn these much. But glaziers who are self-employed can earn according to their need and working hour. They decide their own rates. 

When you grow up your business, you may have the power to set the rate for your workers under you. If you work as a window glazier trainer, also a good amount you can get income from this sector. Since the income rate is high, you may select this as your profession and set up your own business.

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Window glazier is mostly needed when we build our buildings and other constructions. Professional window glaziers serve the purpose of fitting and repairing our glasses very skillfully. Their income is also very handsome. In order to become a good window glazier, you can follow the guidelines provided above. They will surely help you out.

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