How to Choose the Correct Rug for your Home.

The right rug can make a room feel totally new. Rugs are also one of the easiest ways to change up your decor, and they’re versatile enough to work with any style. With all that in mind, it’s important to know how to choose a rug because it’s not just about picking something that looks pretty on the floor! 

Stick around to learn how interior decor experts at Bone Inlay Furniture go about finding a perfect rug for a space.

Size and Shape

When you’re choosing a rug, it’s important to consider the size and shape of your room before pulling the trigger on a purchase. A large space calls for a medium-sized rug with some room around it so that people can walk freely without tripping over anything. If there are furniture pieces or other obstructions in the way, leave enough space for people to walk around. Large spaces are a bit trickier because you want the rug to be large enough so the room does not look empty but small enough to fit perfectly. If you want your rug to look its best, consider buying something that’s the same shape as your room. 

Usually, rectangular rugs seem like they’re always a safe option. Round or oval ones can fit into some situations, but they’re a bit trickier to work with.

Materials and Style

Some rugs are made out of synthetic materials, while others are made from natural fibers. Natural ones tend to be the most expensive because they’re harder to create, but certain options might look better in your home than others. 

For example, if you buy jute rug then it will add some nice texture and earthiness into any room while wool rugs are soft and great for colder homes. If you’re looking to add some character into your space, consider braided or hand-knotted rugs that appear more unique than machine-made ones. 

Style is also a big factor in choosing the right rug because there are so many options out there. Think about what mood you want to set in your space, and then choose something to match. Striped rugs look great with modern decor, while shag one’s fit nicely into rustic or bohemian spaces. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what looks good together, because most stores will let you shop by style.

Pile and Softness

The pile helps you determine how soft or plush your flooring will be. The higher the pile, the softer and thicker it will feel underfoot. Low-pile rugs are great for high-traffic spaces like kitchens, mudrooms, or entryways since they’re usually made of materials that are easier to clean.

If you want a rug that feels luxurious, choose one with a high pile because they’re usually made out of silk or cotton fibers. Just keep in mind that rugs with soft piles can get dirty more easily than those made of scratchier materials.

If you’re not sure which pile is right for your space, consult the store associates before you make any big decisions. They can help point out what will look best in your room and offer suggestions if there are other rugs they think might work better than the ones on display.

Care and Cleaning

Rugs made out of natural fibers can look more beautiful as they age because the colors start to look even richer. However, keeping these types of rugs in good condition is difficult because stains take longer to come off, and the fibers tend to soak up liquids.

If you have children or pets, spending a bit more on easy-to-clean rugs is worth it in the long run. Machine-washable and dryer-safe rugs are also great options, as you don’t need to worry about them as much.

Getting a Rug Pad

If you want a rug to be extra comfy, consider buying one with padding underneath. Rug pads go between the carpet and floor so that every step feels softer. They also prevent rugs from sliding around or bunching up underfoot by providing some grip between the two surfaces.

Many people like using thicker pads with their rugs because they help keep the floor underneath warm in colder rooms. However, thinner padding works well if you just want a bit of cushion between your feet and the floor.

Rug pads are usually made out of rubber or felt, so it’s important to ensure that your choice won’t damage the flooring. Just ask a store associate if you’re not sure what kind of rug pads work best for your space, and they’ll point out the right one for your situation.

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