How to Choose the Best Holster Material

A holster is designed to shield weapons from accidental movements. You can fix the holster in a belt, waistband or ankle.

The holsters specially made for the law enforcement officers have a strap on the top of the holster that will helps you to shield your weapon from falling out of the holster. If you are looking to buy one then consider checking We the People Holsters for many different kinds but before that read further to know about the things that you need to consider before buying your first holster.

Types of holsters:

There are three types of holster.

IWB Holster

These types of holsters can be worn inside of the waistband.

OWB Holster

These types of holster can be worn on the outside of the waistband in order to hide the gun.

Pocket Friendly Holster

These types of holster are used to hide small guns and can be worn inside the pocket.

If you own a gun than you must know that how essential the holster is for your gun protection. Whether you use a gun for work or for your personal protection, it is important to choose the right holster material. Kydex, leather and nylon are the most typical holster materials. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will provide you with the details which will help you in determining which holster material could be better for you.

Here are the 5 types of holster materials:


Kydex is made up of rubber or plastic. The manufacturer can easily shape Kydex according to the particular shape of your gun. Sturdy Kydex and other holsters made up of polymeric materials doesn’t require maintenance and it can be easily washable.

As compared to leather Kydex is relatively compact and inexpensive.


Leather is the most popular materials in the market. Since the leather is Very much durable and strong, for decades, it has been the choice of everyone. Those who are obsessed with style issues, it is the best option for them to opt because the holster made from leather looks very attractive.


Holsters made up of nylon are last-long. Usually, nylon holsters are designed with a shape-retaining stiffener and hook-and-loop fasteners. Therefore, it is easy for you to adjust the way you want to wear them. Mostly nylon material is used in manufacturing the shoulder holsters.

Nylon is usually less costly and can be affordable by everyone.

Holsters made up of nylon are labelled as more ‘common’ because it cannot be shaped for a particular weapon.

The Synthetic

The most widely used material for gun holster is synthetics. A synthetic holster is usually made up of special plastics that are extremely tough and keep your gun safe.

Another advantage of using holsters made up of synthetic is that it will not deteriorate over the time.


If you want the benefits of both leather and synthetics. Then hybrid is the best option for you. Hybrids use leather as the primary structural component for the exterior built, while for internal built it uses synthetic material therefore you can get the benefit of both leather and synthetic. You don’t need to pick any one from the two.

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