How to Choose the Ultimate T-Shirt: A Buying Guide for Men

Every person loves dressing up, especially guys. Although a man will invest in a suit and rave about its qualities, at the end of the day T-shirts and jeans are a dependable and basic outfit. You can also wear the comfortable bella canvas t-shirts at home, during busy weekends, while playing with your kids, and watching a game. A man will be spending most of his life wearing a T-shirt more than any other type of clothing. A T-shirt is comfy enough to be worn during sleep.

Since it is such a common item, T-shirts do not get plenty of attention. However, it is crucial to invest in a high-quality and durable shirt for your comfort. T-shirts at a very lower price range won’t hold well, and the color may even bleed after washing. Plus, it might be unflattering and won’t hug the body right. Browse adult apparel and find online shops selling stylish T-shirts with quality and durability.

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Choose a Flattering Shirt

There is a popular notion that only buff guys look hot in T-shirts. However, this isn’t always the case. When it comes to plain T-shirts, choose a piece that fits you well.  The shirt should neither be too loose nor too snug. It should make you look good.

It helps if you have precise measurements. Ideally, a T-shirt sleeve should reach mid-bicep. Once they go beyond this part, it is too long. The sleeve should hug your arm just right. 

If you have a slim physique, select a finely tailored shirt so you won’t look swallowed up. If you are on the heavy side, choose a roomy T-shirt. Keep in mind that a T-shirt that snugly fits your chest makes this area look bigger. But if you want to create an illusion of a slimmer chest or you want to conceal flaw areas, steer clear from tightfitting shirts. 

The shirt should fall just a few inches below the waist. It should effectively conceal your abdomen. If the sleeve is the right length, it follows that the overall length will match as well.

Examine the fabric

The T-shirts brands providing adult apparel, utilize all kinds of blends. But the ideal is still 100% cotton. Cotton is strong, breathable, and soft.

However, there are some advantages to blends. A T-shirt with 50-50 polyester to cotton blend is likelier to withstand machine washing. It is less apt to shrink, and the wrinkles smooth out easily. However, this type of fabric can make you sweat more.

Cotton still gets top votes. But if you are concerned about how it holds during washing, choose preshrunk options with 100% combed cotton. 

Should You Pay For a $50 T?

Paying $50 seems to be excessive for a T-shirt. But you get what you pay for, especially in terms of sewing quality. You may think that a T-shirt is easy to make since factories can produce them for five dollars and less. But shirts with better seam quality and hem will fit better and last many washings. A few dollars are what you trade for quality construction.

T-shirt brands with quality on top of their mind always design clothes that lie flat and move freely. These shirts drape naturally and flatter the body.

Choose a T-Shirt With a Pocket to Avoid Looking Too Dressed Down

Plain T-shirts are awesome when it comes to comfort and fit. However, a completely plain T-shirt can make you look like you’re in your undershirt or you’re about to hit the gym.

A great solution is to choose a shirt with a pocket. It is an understated element that can kick up a shirt’s dressiness. 


T-shirts are crucial pieces to your wardrobe. The right T-shirt makes you look elegant in any situation. Even if you are sweating it out in the gym or playing sports activities, a well-fitted shirt is flattering. Choose the right fabric for ultimate comfort.

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