PDF Bear Online Tool: A Comprehensive Guide On How to Convert PDF to Word

Before we discuss the ways on how to convert PDF to Word, let us first know some basic information about PDF. So, what is PDF? PDF is simply an abbreviation for Portable Document Format. The person behind Portable Document Format is an American computer scientist, businessman, and one of the co-founders of Adobe Systems Inc. John Edward Warnock.

PDF was first called the Camelot Project, which was launched in 1991; it was developed as a PDF one year later after its release. This project’s goal was to enable people to capture documents from different applications, send it anywhere without facing any difficulty, and view and print them at their own pace using various machines.  

So much for the basic background, let’s now dive into our ultimate objective: the conversion of Word to PDF files. Many people before had a tough time converting Word to PDF files, but today, we quickly get the document we desire with just a few clicks. If you’re excited to know the steps, then keep reading until the end!

Advantage of Converting PDF Files to Word Files

You can benefit a lot of things if you convert PDF file to word. Some of the advantages are, your document will remain as it is even if you’ll try to share it from one device to another. Another one is, your file is protected by password, and it works well even on several operating systems. Lastly, it doesn’t consume a huge amount of your storage. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Find A Reliable PDF File to Word Converter

There are tools out there that aren’t worth risking and trustworthy; that’s why the very first step of performing the conversion is finding the best tool. If you haven’t found a reliable converter, you can use the PDF Bear tool to do your conversion.

The Steps

Perhaps you’re worried that the process might be a little bumpy, but get rid of that feeling right now because it’s the total opposite of what you’ve been feeling, buddy! Firstly, hit the Select Files button at the center and choose a file you want to convert.

After clicking that file, the PDF Bear will scan and convert your Word document; the conversion will only take a few seconds, so there’s nothing to whine about, buddy! Once it is done, click the download button to save the converted file to your device. 

Why PDF Bear?

There are hundreds of converters out there, but I find the PDF Bear peculiar among the others out there. If you’re worried about your privacy, this tool will instantly delete your file an hour after pasting it on their website. If you’re thinking about how much it would take up to finish one file to convert, it can be done within several seconds!

An additional reason why PDF Bear is that you can reduce pdf size online to either Medium Compression or Strong Compression;
this is a great advantage to those who don’t have a big device’s storage!

Premium Version Vs. Free Trial

If you opt for unlimited offers, stop settling with a free trial and subscribing to Premium versions. Having a Premium account allows you to do endless tasks without any restrictions, maximum compression of your documents, and no more annoying advertisements that keep on appearing every minute. 

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The hardest part of converting is finding a reliable tool, Pal, but a big thanks to technology, it gives us the most convenient way to carry on our tasks. If you’re having a hard time converting your files, just visit PDF Bear and allow it to solve your problem!

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