How to Decorate Home with Christmas Balls?

If you want a different Christmas, dress your home as you have never done with a simple idea. Take the Christmas ball out of the tree and carry them around the house. From door crowns to table centerpieces.

If you want to get a personalized and unique decoration, the best option is to get to work and, in addition to taking inspiration and creating what you have in mind, also personalize some elements of the Christmas decoration.

Among them, a great option is a decoration with Christmas balls. You can do it in multiple ways, and with all kinds of elements, you can even look at what you have at home and create from there, such as the fact that you can customize them very easily. You can buy Christmas Ball from online portals as well.

Ideas to personalize your Christmas ball that may be interesting to you:

· Glue some other decorative element to the Christmas ball, to make it more decorative.

· At the top, where the string is to hang, add another string that has a small card hanging where you can write a name, a wish, or a message.

· Can Christmas balls have eyes and mouths? Why not, it all depends on the decorating style you are doing.

· If you want to personalize your Christmas ball by giving it more shine, don’t forget that glitter is one of the key additions of this season.

· Change the simple strings with which the Christmas balls are tied for some bows that you like or a string bracelet if you want it to be something more elaborate.

These ideas are simple to carry out and do not involve building a Christmas ball from scratch, just adding small elements.

Different type of Christmas ball

Below are few well known Christmas balls which are commonly used in decoration

Transparent Christmas balls

This type of Christmas ball is a very interesting option to get a unique and personalized decoration because you will be able to paint them, decorate them, or create your own designs from scratch.

 These transparent Christmas balls are sensational if you like crafts or have children at home because you can paint them in one color, make a drawing on them or even fill them as you can see in the photograph, and they do not have any complexity.

Another easy option to get and that will not require much elaboration work are these transparent spheres in which paint has been used to tint the base of them in color. In addition to the colors, you can play with their opacity or brightness.

You can also find options as beautiful and interesting as this one, where it seems that one has managed to capture a piece of Christmas in a crystal ball.

Christmas balls crafts

We differentiate these Christmas balls from the rest because we are going to show you how you can make Christmas balls from scratch, not only the decoration but also use your materials to create Christmas balls 100% made by “you”.

Depending on the material with which you want to make it, you will have a multitude of options to choose from: newspapers or magazines to recycle, fabrics, paper napkins with patterns and resistant, burned-out light bulbs, wool,

One of the Christmas balls that I love are the ones that you have to inflate a balloon to the size you like, being Christmas it is not supposed to be excessively large but play with the sizes to create a different decoration!

Then you put glue all over the surface of the balloon and cover the entire surface with wool or thread in the shape you want; then you re-glue and let it dry. To finish, you just have to puncture the balloon and remove the remains of it; you already have your Christmas ball!


So you can use a Christmas ball in different ways to give a unique look to your Christmas decoration

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