4 Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Swimming Area

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These days, pool umbrellas have become indispensable items in scorching summer temperatures. We love to spend our time by the pool during the summer months in Australia. However, while doing so, we often expose ourselves to the sun’s harmful rays. So we need to take measures to shield ourselves from the UV rays. 

A good way of doing that is by using pool umbrellas. They are not only effective against sun rays but also create a cool and shaded area so that you can comfortably lounge on your sun bed, read a book or listen to music. Due to their multiple uses, pool umbrellas are in high demand for both personal and commercial purposes like in hotels and resorts. 

You can also use a good quality heavy-duty outdoor umbrella to enhance your swimming pool area. You can transform your outdoor pool space into a nice cozy setting with the right kind of accessories along with umbrellas or you can also use umbrellas to make your guests feel more welcome if you are hosting a pool party. 

There are plenty of pool umbrellas in the market today and you can take your pick according to your needs. But if you are still confused about your choices, you can refer to our four design tips mentioned below and style your outdoor swimming pool area. However, we would want our readers to keep in mind that our tips are only ideas and they are by no means a requirement to having a beautiful pool in your backyard. 

Read on to learn how you can decorate your pool space with the finest outdoor umbrellas in Australia.

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Evaluate the location 

A well-designed swimming pool area can give your landscape a bit of sparkle. But then you will need to figure out your pool’s shape, size, and position before buying an umbrella. For example, if your swimming pool area is small, then installing a large outdoor umbrella might not be a good idea. This is because it might look jarring. So you might opt for a wall-mounted umbrella to save space.

The shape of an umbrella —  square, rectangular, or round — is also important because of the shaded area it will provide. An oversized cantilever umbrella is good for pools as it will shade you from the elements and add a relaxed look to your deck. You might also consider the weather conditions of the place you live in. If it’s too windy, you need to choose an umbrella that is wind-resistant and durable. 

Colour Theme

Outdoor umbrellas in Australia come in a lot of colors and hues. But you must choose a color that fits harmoniously with the rest of the pool area. 

To start with, you must first consider the color of your house and deck. If it’s a dark-colored house, a light-colored umbrella such as white or sky blue will stand out better. If your house has a pale color, then go for something bolder. The bottom line is you must choose an umbrella so that they do not blend in with the surroundings too much. 

You must also remember that dark-colored umbrellas absorb more heat. As a result, they tend to be warmer as the heat radiates off them. Light colors, on the hand, reflect more light and can keep your pool area from becoming scorching hot spots.

Creative Lighting 

You can use imaginative lighting to give your pool umbrella some personality. You can use a variety of decorative lighting options and style them with intricate design elements, especially if you are hosting a party. A nicely designed umbrella adds to the ambiance and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can use LED lights to make it look fashionable.

Decorate Your Patio Area

It’s not only heavy-duty outdoor umbrellas that could lift your pool area. You can also enhance it with exotic colorful flowers and plants, or decorative tiles. Flowers are a good way to draw your attention to the pool; they also add pleasant and relaxing fragrances. You can create a contrasting finish to make your pool stand out by fitting rich wooden flooring. 

Wrapping Up

A pool is a great place to relax and chill on a hot summer day. And enhancing the pool area will only add more comfort to your surroundings. A good way of decorating your pool space is by using pool umbrellas. On days, when the sun’s heat becomes unbearable, pool umbrellas could come to your rescue as they shelter you from the harmful rays. So we suggest you buy a good quality pool umbrella that is robust and can last long. You should also pay attention to whether the frames of umbrellas are anti-corrosive or not. Some umbrellas are waterproof thanks to their special fabric and you need to choose wisely depending on your needs. 

As far as enhancing the pool area is concerned, you must keep in mind that you need to construct a space that complements your pool. But we are sure that if you implement some or all of the above-mentioned features, you can easily enhance the environment around your pool.

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