Find the Right Concrete Sealer and Pressure Washer

One way to keep your walkway driveway and walls looking good is to wash and seal them regularly. Concrete sealer not only prevents water from creeping in but also prevents the concrete from getting stained.  Since repairing your driveway can be quite costly, keeping it clean and maintained with the right sealer and the expertise of providers of power washing near me is important. So, how do you find the right pressure washer and concrete sealer? 

Avoid Using an Oil Based Membrane Concrete Sealer

Just like concrete, there are many concrete sealers in the market. These include smooth and aggregate. The HOV laws make it hard to purchase the common oil-based sealer that is normally used for porous concrete applications. This type of sealant has one downside–it wears unevenly and isn’t easy to work with in general. Oil-based products form a thin membrane on the surface and should only be seen as an alternative option when you need just enough protection from water damage without having too much blocked-out air or sunlight.

Although they are still available in the market, homeowners have found more suitable alternatives such as oils made by high-pressure machines which level better than their predecessors while being easier to apply.

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Opt for A Silane-Siloxane Concrete 

Silane-siloxane sealers are the best for porous concrete. These types of sealants work by filling all spaces in your driveway or walkway, creating a tight bond with any type of dirt particles that may be present on top of it. This makes them breathable and able to protect against pitting, chipping, cracking as well as other wear and tear issues you might encounter from time to time due to weathering conditions or anything else.

Wash Your Concrete with A Professional Power Washer

Before applying the sealer, wash the concrete with a professional pressure washer. Using this washer allows you to thoroughly clean the concrete evenly. While it’s simple to clean some parts, others may not turn out clean enough. For better results, make sure you clean in a circular pattern.

How to Seal A Concrete After Pressure Washing

If your walkway or driveway is neat and organized, your home will look great, and well put together too. If you want to keep your driveway neat, you should wash and seal it every three years. Here is how to seal concrete.

1. Allow the Concrete to Dry

First, allow the concrete to dry before you can get started. It would be best if you also seal when the sun is at its brightest. By doing this, you’ll not have any problem with the concrete not drying. However, ensure that it does not dry quickly. If this happens, it will leave some marks and lines.

2. Mix the Bucket of Sealer

Using a wooden stick, mix the bucket of sealer and ensure that you get a tight fit. You can connect the handle extension with a paint roller handle by using tape.

3. Seal the Concrete

For this purpose, use a medium nap roller. This is to allow the sealer to get evenly distributed on the concrete. With the help of a medium, seal smaller pockets, pores, and other hard-to-reach places. This way, you’ll attain the smoothness and perfection that you need.

4. Paint All the Corners and Reach All the Parts

Make sure you reach all the corners. Once you are done remove the excess amount of sealer scraping with a brush.

5. Apply the Sealer Well

Apply the sealer as near as possible and blend the fresh sealer over the area brushed earlier. Finally, allow it to dry before applying the second coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Pressure Wash Sealed Concrete?

No. It would help if you did not try to remove coatings or sealers with a pressure washer. 

Should I Pressure Wash Before Sealing?

Since pressure washing is not enough, it’s better to use mechanical means such as blasting and scarifying. This will make sure the surface is clean before applying another sealer.

Should I Pressure Wash My Walkway?

To keep your walkway or driveway clean, you should pressure wash it at least once a year. This will keep grime at bay and maintain it in the best shape.

Hopefully, these tips will help you when choosing a sealer and handling your sealing and power washing job. If you are not sure, look for professionals to help you out.

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