Overcome Alcohol Addiction

10 Ways To Help Someone Overcome Alcohol Addiction

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September 15, 2019

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  • Knowing how to help your loved ones is the first step for them to overcome addiction. Alcoholics tend to lie to themselves and others about their consumption level. They can even deny they have an addiction problem. 

    While an addict is the only person that can stop their addiction. There are some ways you can help your loved ones to overcome alcohol addiction and know exactly when they need rehab at Legacy Healing Fort Lauderdale.

    Below are 10 ways to help someone overcome alcohol addiction:

    Learn All You Can About Alcoholism 

    Learn everything you need to know about an alcoholic disorder or addiction. This is the very first step you need to take before embarking on helping them with their addiction. You need to know about the psychological effect and the physical effects that come with the same. This will ensure a proper understanding of their defects.

    Know When To Talk

    Alcoholics are not always comfortable talking about their addiction. It takes courage and grit. They need privacy. Pick the right time and place. Avoid interruptions and ensure you have each other’s attention. Make sure they are not upset or disturbed when having the discussion. 

    Approach Them 

    The best thing to do for an alcoholic is to be open and honest with them. Talking to them, hoping they will get over their addictions is a great risk to take. Let them know you are being supportive and nonjudgmental. Offer them your trust, let them be free with you to talk anytime. 

    Be Supportive 

    Emphasizing and being sincere with them will go a long way in helping them overcome their addiction. Follow up on their commitments to get help. Urge them to seek medical attention by getting into a treatment program around you. 


    Open the lines of communication. Show your concern and care for them. This is more complicated than mere approaching. Assist them to plan on how to face the consequences by offering them a treatment option. This can only be adequately taken care of by a professional therapist. 

    Make Them Comfortable Around You 

    This will ensure they can talk about the underlying cause as to their addictions. People seldom drink for drinking sake alone. Oftentimes, it is a move to overcome their depression or anxiety. Acknowledge the fact that you know there is an underlying issue that results in their reckless drinking but is not accusatory when engaging them. 

    Forget Ultimatum 

    Don’t offer them an ultimatum to get over their addictions as this will ultimately push them away from you. It may result in frustration and hurt. So, you should offer them advice and give them clarity on steps which need to be taken. 

    Stop Drinking Around Them 

    Make sure all traces of alcohol are taken away from their immediate surroundings always. Do not enable them by drinking around them or offering them excuses. Do know that they lack the morals to fight their urges. Ensure you don’t encourage them to keep on drinking with your actions. 

    Ask For Help 

    Seek the experience of people who have overcome the same addiction. Let them help in talking to your loved ones or friend. They are in a far better position than you in offering advice and sharing experiences on how they overcame their addiction. 

    Don’t Control Them 

    You trying to control them will result in frustration for them.  You may think there are possibly some things you can do to stop them from drinking. Yes, it may be so. But it is better if you don’t do those things. Don’t make them feel lonely, betrayed, or distanced from you. The best you can do is talk to them, offer your assistance, and assure them of your willingness and support. 

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