How to Improve the Air Quality of Your Basement?

How to Improve the Air Quality of Your Basement?

If you have a basement in your house, then you will definitely experience some air quality issues in it. However, high levels of dust, dampness and musty odours are some most common problems that you will face. 

These problems can bring many breathing problems and diseases. In this article, we are going to show you some tips for basement renovation in Toronto that will help you to improve your basement’s air quality. 


Poor ventilation is the reason for the bad air quality in your basement. However, if air gets trapped inside the basement, then it becomes uneasy to reuse the air from the outside cleaner. 

You have to install a mechanical ventilation system to bring fresh air inside to improve the air quality in your basement. You will be surprised to know that these air cleaners are energy efficient and don’t require any windows.

But ventilation systems can be expensive to install and require professionals for installation. If you can’t afford it, then an air purifier is another option to get the same results. 

2. Seal up cracks and gaps 

Cracks or gaps are like open windows that can result in higher humidity levels and contaminated air flowing in. So, it is vital to seal up all cracks and divides with caulks or foam to keep your basement refreshing. 

3. Remove high chemical fumes.

Some people use the basement to store solvents and chemicals such as stains, paints and gasoline. And due to poor ventilation, the fumes from these chemicals can build up to toxic levels and make the air quality worse. 

So you have to remove these high chemical fumes from your basement to improve the air quality. However, you can put these containers in a garage or outside shed.

4. Apply low VOC paint 

Applying low VOC paint is one of the best tips for basement renovation in Toronto to improve the air quality. Many paints contain high volatile organic compounds that can increase the toxic level in the air of your basement. So, if you are deciding to repaint your basement, then try to use low VOC paint. 

It is the way you will stay safe and can limit your exposure to these toxic chemicals. 

5. Radon testing 

Most of the researches show that more than 21000 people die each year from lung cancer due to exposure in radon. However, radon is an odourless gas forms from the natural breakdown of uranium in water, soil and rock. 

This gas can get into your house through the basement and other openings. To find out if your home does have a radon problem, then you can have a professional radon test is the best way. 

6. Dry it out 

Dampness and humidity are the reason for many problems with basement air quality. However, drying out can eliminate a lot of issues that produce musty odours. If moisture increases in the air of your basement, then it promotes mould and mildew growth. 

You can see the visible signs of mould on ceilings, walls or floors in the unfinished basement. On the other hand, you may not see the physical signals of etching but can smell it in a finished basement. 

Moreover, mould can cause many health problems such as sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion and allergic reactions. So, you have to dry out your basement to prevent etching.

7. Clean the air 

Cleaning the air is the best way to improve basement air quality. You can use an air purifier to clean air. However, air purifiers circulate the air through a set of filters and remove out the contaminants. The basement air can contain microscopic particles such as allergens, mould spores and bacteria. You can also use pressure washer to clean your basement from dart. High speed water can remove unnecessary particle from your basement easily.

Make sure to use an air purifier that involves features like True HEPA filters, ultraviolet light and carbon filters. These features will reduce 99.97% of harmful airborne particles. Moreover, you can also learn how to get the proper size air purifier for your basement.

         Final thoughts

We hope that this information will help you to make your basement refreshing. However, improving air quality can reduce the risk of many harmful health problems. So, take an idea from these tips for basement renovation in Toronto start improving the air quality.

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