How to Keep Clothes Looking New (Laundry Tips)

Being fashionable gives you a unique self-satisfaction aside from leaving a good impression. Fashion is all about a confidence boost, self-expression through art, creativity, comfort, and personal identity. From vintage look to streetwear, you need to wear it with a 200 percent confidence level to pull it off in a swaggy or classy manner. To be noticed more, your fashion statement must have longevity and unpredictability factor.

One best example to have a long and lasting fashion statement is keeping your clothes in new. It is kind of confusing because how do you exactly keep your clothes fresh? We all know for a fact, and it is common knowledge that clothes deterioration rate is directly proportional to their age and usage frequency. But truth to be told, there are laundry methods that maintain the brand new condition of your delicate garments.

This article will help you learn all the laundry life hacks on how to keep clothes looking new. It is a perfect time for you to say goodbye to your wrong laundry methods and put some extra effort into how you wash and dry your delicate garments. You’ll be a fashion guru after this very informative article.

1. Choose a Fashion Statement

The first step is not directly inclined to a laundry tip, but it is worth mentioning. Choosing a fashion statement will prevent you from buying clothes you do not need to wear. Because when you buy clothes and never or rarely wear them, then the tendency is that it will just deteriorate that specific clothing condition. Why buy shoes like leather boots when you are a sneaker-type guy. It will just hurt your pockets and consume additional space in your closet.

2. Hand Wash the Garments with Utmost Care

If somehow you find handwashing your garments a therapeutic core, I highly suggest that you be gentle with your delicate OOTDs. Hand washing is all about friction and rotational force. If you overdo it, it might damage your garments permanently, and you do not want it to happen, right?

3. Do not Overexpose or Underexpose the Clothes in the Washing Machine

In underexposing clothes in a laundry batch, it is self-explanatory why it will not maintain a good as new condition. Residual stains and other types of dirt may not be entirely eradicated, resulting in the stain or dirt to set in your clothes deeply.

Overexposing clothes in a laundry also does no good. Overexposing your delicate clothes in a washing machine will surely damage the clothes permanently. Also, you must use the lowest speed in your washing machine. A gentle cycle reduces the potential wear and tear that a washing machine can inflict on your delicate clothes.

4. Use the Right Detergent

If you are a firm believer that all detergents are all the same, please consider it thoroughly again. Some powdered detergents are way too harsh on your clothes, so opt for a liquid one. Certain detergents can keep your clothes from color fading and shrinking. It is recommended to read the detergent label and find if it is mild on your clothes.

Additionally, using the suitable detergent along with its optimal amount will give you satisfactory results as well. Using too little detergent will result in residual stains, which can be troublesome. Using too much detergent will develop white spots in your clothes, and it will be hard to rinse.

5. Follow the Garment Label

It is the golden rule that must be followed in every laundry batch to keep your clothes in the best condition possible. The most common garment labels are “Dry clean only.”, “Do not iron,” “Do not dry clean,” and “Do not dry clean and iron.”

6. Do Not Wash and Wear

The deterioration rate of clothes is directly proportional to wash and wear duration and frequency. If your favorite shirt can talk, then for sure, it will non-stop complain to you. Just do not practice wearing newly washed clothes. Let your freshly laundered clothes cool down and take some time off. This will especially come in handy when you’re traveling since you won’t need to pack a lot of clothes.

7. Wash your Shoes Properly

Even though a shoe is not an item of clothing but it is your OOTD finisher. Therefore, it is worth mentioning. People will always judge your fashion in what kind of shoes you wear. So it is way too important to take care of your sneakers in the right way. Remember, clean your shoes when it is muddy especially after a dog walk with your new pup or a day out cycling with friends. If you spotted a little dust in your shoe, just ignore it and never attempt to wash it. Why? Because when you wash your shoes more often than they should be, it will ruin the colors, weakens the adhesive, and ruins the stitching.

Also, using dedicated shoe care products prolongs the lifespan of your favorite shoes. 

8. Air Dry your Clothes

If you have a roomy backyard, then consider air-drying your newly laundered garments. Using a dryer can shrink your clothes, and it is also costly. Nothing beats an air-dried laundry batch that smells natural and amazingly fresh.

Well, if you lived a fast-paced life in a concrete jungle, consider purchasing a foldable or collapsible clothes-drying rack. It is ideal for drying clothes in small spaces such as apartments and dormitories.

9. Yes to Cold Water and No to Warm Water

Why say no to warm water during laundry. Smart question. When natural fabrics such as wool, linen, and cotton will shrink when laundered with warm water. Meanwhile, laundering using cold water extends the lifespan while preserving its good as new condition.

Also, if you are a green advocate, using cold water in a laundry batch is perfect for you. Green thumbs up!

Some of these tips may seem a bit obvious but trust me, some people have zero knowledge of them. If you just consistently follow each tip listed above, your clothes will always be top-notch. Now that you are a certified laundry and fashion guru, it is time to spread your laundry gospel to your loved ones.

If you do not have a washing and drying machine at home yet, you can hire a laundry service near you. Staff in laundry services are experts in what they do. You do not have to worry about the condition of your clothes.

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