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It is said that there are only two languages in the world that have no borders: one is smiles and the other is flowers. Both smiles and flowers have a lot of power, and sending flowers to China always conveys our friendliness and expresses our emotions. Today we are going to talk about flowers. Whether you receive flowers or buy flowers, you may have this dilemma – what can I do to keep the flowers fresh for a long time?

If you want flowers to bloom longer, you have to do the following.

1. Use a clean vase

First of all, make sure that the vase you are using is clean and the water you are using is clear and fresh, flowers need to be in good condition to bloom longer!

2. Cut the rhizome at a certain angle

Use scissors to cut off 2-4 cm of flower stems at an oblique angle of 45 degrees. Cutting off a little bit each day will keep the flowers alive longer. The cut off area will make it easier for the flowers to absorb water and the flowers will naturally maintain their delicacy.

3. Trim the leaves underneath the flowers

Cut off the leaves underneath the bouquet. Don’t let them soak in water as they will rot and cloud the water, and the rot will also breed bacteria that will affect the growth of the flowers.

4. Arrange flowers in an orderly manner

Do not put the flowers together in the vase, you should insert them one by one into the vase. This will allow you to arrange the flowers in the vase better and not crush the flowers, thus affecting the flowering period.

5. Feeding the flowers

Flowers out of the soil generally means that there is not enough nutrients for them to bloom, so don’t forget to add nutrients to the flowers! Pour some warm water into the vase and add some flower nutrients to keep the flowers fresh for a long time.

Of course, there are many options for flower preservatives, and you can also choose to make your own. Generally, you can add some lemon juice and a cube of sugar to the warm water.

6. Keep flowers in a cool environment

Flowers like to stay in a cool environment. Properly cool temperatures are good for flowers (above 5°C), but they should not be frozen. Do not place flowers on top of a TV or other electrical appliances to avoid overheating and causing the flowers to wilt. It is important to note that flowers are not suitable for blowing against air conditioners, nor should they be placed near heaters, or other locations where the natural breeze is stronger.  

7. Change the water regularly

Remember to change the water in the vase once every two or three days, and you also need to pay attention to keep the same space between the flowers.

If you want the flowers to bloom longer, besides using the right methods, the most important thing is actually to select and buy flowers of excellent quality and health. It is another interesting lesson to learn how to select flowers with tight bones and shiny branches and leaves.

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