How to Make a Replacement Treadmill Safety Key?

The treadmill is an important instrument for physical exercise. However, to assure and enjoy a safe exercise treadmill, safety keys are incomparable. It does not need to say the necessity of a key for any instruments or vehicles that need it.

Replacement keys are always helpful for any unexpected as well as emergencies. If you know how to make a replacement treadmill safety key, you can make it at home by yourself.

Guideline on How to Make a Replacement Treadmill Safety Key?

Necessary Elements

Replacement treadmill safety key is needed in case you lose or break apart your original key. And if you have pet animals or children in your house, it is mandatory to keep a replacement key. It will help you in emergencies.

So it is better to learn how to replace the safety key, or you can hire a Serrurier. Once you have learnt it, you can make it easily at home at an affordable price. Some necessary things that you will need to make a replacement treadmill safety key are –

  • Unity Knife
  • Hacksaw 
  • Electric drill
  • ¼ inch drill bit
  • Posterboard
  • Fine flat file
  • 3/16 braided cord
  • Plastic spring clip
  • Plastic file box

Steps to Make a Replacement Treadmill Safety Key

In order to make a replacement treadmill safety key, you have to follow some steps. Here go 4 such steps that you must maintain carefully. Otherwise, your key will not work properly. 

Step 1

This is the first step of making a replacement treadmill safety key. The first thing you need to do is to ensure that your treadmill is connected to electricity with the plug. Then you have to take a utility knife so that you can carve a piece from poster board.

The width of the piece will be almost 3 inches long, and it will be used for making the safety key slot. Later on, you need to straddle the treadmill running belt carefully and put the full piece in the safety key slot.

Now you will see a start button and press it. After pressing the button, you will notice the display panel being enlightened. So, now you are ready to move to other steps. 

Step 2

In the second step, you must shear another piece from the poster board again. The length and width of the part should be the same as before. Reduplicate, the poster piece, straightway and again put them in the safety key slot of the treadmill.

Now like step one, you have to switch on the start button. The display panel would be fired. Afterwards, bring the pieces back from the safety key slot. You will see that the display panel is going off. Must do these things very carefully. 

Step 3

In step 3, you will need a plastic file box to use. You need to cut a portion of the plastic file box. The portion must be similar to the previous poster board pieces. However, you might find the plastic file box cutting a little bit hazardous.

In that case, you can use a hacksaw to cut the portion from the plastic file box. And finally, this plastic portion would be used as the safety key. For making it smoother, use a fine flat file. With the help of the flat file, you can make the key corners as well as edges plane and sleek. 

Step 4

This is the final step of making the replacement treadmill safety key. Coming to this step, you need to make a hole using an electric drill. The hole should be of ¼ inches. Now take a 3/16 diameter braided cord and make it insert into the hole previously made. Then tie the cord with an overhand knot so that it can restrain the cord from pulling through the hole. 

Later, you have to cut a piece from the plastic cord, which will be 36 inches long. Use a plastic spring clip to attach the free corner of the cord with your clothes. Thus the cord will be attached with your clothing while working out using the treadmill.

Now your replacement treadmill safety key is ready to use. But just to be sure, check out your cord corner whether it works properly or not.

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Treadmill safety keys are like part and parcel for your daily safe work out. They ensure a secured and safe exercise. However, you must know how to make a replacement treadmill safety key. And now you know how to make it by yourself. It will help you in various emergencies.

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