How To Make Memory Foam Expand Faster: Tips and Tricks

If you have bought a rolled mattress, you must be wondering how to make memory foam expand faster and when to start using it. In that case, keep reading, and you will know everything you need.

First of all, it is essential to distinguish between rolled memory foam or rolled memory foam, which is also vacuum-packed. When it comes to memory foam or memory foam mattresses, most manufacturers serve them folded but also vacuum packed. That means, they have compressed it in such a way that its volume has been considerably reduced.

Why is the memory foam packed this way?

The advantages of serving the product are several, from storage and transport to secure handling. Often in any store, you can “wear it,” or better yet, they take it home in just 24-72 hours. This implies a direct saving in the acquisition of the mattress by the customer who can buy a cheap and quality rolled mattress.

If you buy the mattress in a physical store and you are the one who is going to take it home, it will be the seller himself who will give you the necessary instructions for its correct set-up. Also, there you can ask any questions that arise. On the other hand, if you have bought a memory foam mattress in an online store, you may not know very well where to start.

The vacuum-packed foams have been placed in a hygienic plastic bag. The air has been removed.  Then, sealed and rolled from the upper or lower end (feet or head), leaving a roll with a width slightly higher than the chosen width.

How Do I Open Rolled Memory Foam?

Rolled memory foam takes approximately 24 hours to regain its original shape once decompressed. This is important because once opened, and it will be more challenging to handle. Better if this time passes near the bed where it will finally be, and if it is on the same mattress or base.

The first thing to keep in mind is that any product that has been vacuum packed will have the plastic very attached to the product itself. So when cutting it, we have to be especially careful not to damage the mattress fabrics. You can use a utility knife, scissors, or some other sharp object. 

Once opened, you will appreciate how it swells due to the air inlet, thus increasing its volume and size. You can remove the plastic and leave it laying directly on top of the bed, where it will finally remain.

However, it may not be possible, because you have no place to rest until you remove the old one. In that case, you can leave it leaning against the wall and not remove the plastic until its use.

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How To Make Memory Foam Expand Faster: Step by Step

After making your purchase, you must follow these steps to expand your memory foam faster.

  • The first thing you should do is have an airy and spacious place to lay down your mattress. Also, have the base ready where you will place it and where it will remain from that day on.
  • Now, proceed to open the box that contains the mattress.
  • The next step is to unroll the memory foam mattress; for this, you must place it on a smooth surface.
  • Then you must go ahead and open the packaging or plastic where the mattress is and remove it.
  • Next, you must place the mattress on the base where it will remain and stretch it completely.
  • After placing it on the base, you have to leave it for at least 24 hours and make sure that it is ventilated.

Once the 24 hours, as mentioned earlier, have elapsed, you can enjoy your mattress with all its benefits and guarantees.

Final Words

By performing precisely this procedure to unroll your memory foam mattress, we assure you that your bed will have a long life. You will be able to enjoy a restorative rest for a long time. 

So if you are thinking of buying a rolled memory foam mattress, we encourage you to find rolled mattresses with complete peace of mind.

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