5 Ways to Ensure Longevity of Your Phone Battery

We check the first thing while buying a phone is the battery life. Even though we choose a good product with decent battery life, we often destroy the battery life by our charging habits. And in cases when your battery ends up in an unusable condition, modern smartphones don’t provide easy user access to their batteries, making the process an expensive and inconvenient one. 

The increased production of batteries is also harmful to the environment. Also, lockdowns due to COVID have led to the use of phones for longer durations. Increased screen time is the main reason for lessening the battery’s lifespan.

Here are the Top Ways to Increase the Battery Life-

The Number of Discharge Cycles

There is a thing called discharge cycles. It means the number of times we charge our phones after it’s fully discharged until it finally loses performance. Charging your phone all the time also reduces your battery performance.

A battery usually gets 400-600 discharge cycles, after which it needs to be replaced. So it would be best if you charged your phone at a balance that is neither too early nor too late. Setting at 10 to 20% remaining is the ideal time to charge your phone.

100% Charge

The biggest mistake we make that reduces a phone’s battery life is we do not unplug it even after the battery gets 100% refilled. There is also a slim possibility that batteries and battery chargers made of lithium-ion batteries could overheat. We have seen dangerous results in very few cases, including battery blasting due to heat.

There is a feature that after a phone is 100% charged, the charging stops, but not all batteries have them, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. And the reduction of battery life is consistent in all scenarios.

Original/Certified Chargers and Cables

Using cheap chargers or cables is always a big no. We usually buy these knock-offs to save money as the original products are comparatively expensive. But while doing it, we lead to a more significant expense where you might need to replace your battery or even the phone.

The knock-offs do not have the required capability, resulting in frying the chip due to a lack of safety mechanisms in the internal circuitry. At the end of the day, it leads to more significant damage to the phone, which is more expensive to fix.

Phone Cases

One mistake done by everybody is we never remove the phone cases when we put our phone into charging. Removing and reapplying the phone case is a hassle, but avoiding it has a more significant consequence. The phone cases are built to save the exterior of the phone. In the process of doing that, they also obstruct heat dissipation, which might lead to overheating the phone.

The best way to charge is to flip the phone over so that the heat produced has an easy exit which helps with the heating problem of the phone.

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Black and White Wallpapers –

It is an unorthodox practice, but using black and white wallpapers and screensavers has its advantage. The black pixels do not produce any light. In a jist, the black and white wallpaper makes only a quarter of light than a standard screen. It saves battery power and increases the battery life of the phone.

Using Dark mode is also an excellent way to save battery. Screen brightness also affects how the battery drains frequently. Using auto-brightness is not a good option as it increases the brightness in a bright environment even though we are not using the phone.


There is a need to monitor your battery health to increase battery life. You need an app that tracks battery health and other stats, iOS already has an in-built app, and others need to download one from the play store. Tracking the battery degradation is very important. These apps also tell us when our phones should be charged and when they should be unplugged from charging. In the end, some phones survive years without any care, and others don’t even last for a year. It is better to stay ahead and do our part to avoid any uncalculated expenses.

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