How to Unblock YouTube Easily (4 Ways)?

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Sometimes, it gets frustrating to be unable to access your favorite YouTube videos. It usually indicates that you are facing a blocked YouTube video problem. YouTube videos can get blocked due to multiple reasons. These reasons usually range from geo-restriction or censorship. In fact, there can be multiple reasons leading to blocked YouTube. 

However, still, sometimes people want to watch their favorite entertainment or educational content on YouTube without any hassle. In such cases, learning how to unblock YouTube in different ways is essential. 

So, here in this article, we will help you learn some effective yet easier ways to unblock YouTube. 

Different Ways on How to Unblock YouTube Easily

There are certainly numerous reasons why people want to unblock YouTube and access its content easily from anywhere. So, here we have enlisted different ways that you must consider to unblock YouTube easily and make it accessible from anywhere. 

So, here we go:

Use a Proxy Server

YouTube unblock proxy is an effective way to unblock YouTube easily and this service will also let you bypass your geographic and firewall content restrictions. 

These services are secure only when they are HTTPS-enabled. So, whenever you are planning to use a proxy server, it would be better to go for a reputable and trustworthy option only. So you can maintain your connection speed, secure connection, and unlimited bandwidth. This way, the solution to unblock YouTube won’t make you compromise the quality and speed of the service. 

Use a VPN 

Using a VPN service usually works as another effective yet reliable solution to unblock YouTube. VPN is a technology that encrypts your network traffic and helps you create a private connection anonymously to access internet services. The encryption service in the VPN is safe for geo restricted sites and it will hide your original ID and bypass your connection location. Consequently, you can bypass any censorship or location restriction when accessing YouTube on the internet. 

There are various VPN services for private browsing are available out there. However, iTop VPN serves as the best VPN for YouTube. iTop VPN is a compatible option that you can easily use on multiple devices, from mobile phones to Windows systems and more. It offers multiple servers to connect, which ultimately helps you have an improved experience. 

Key features of iTop VPN that make it a top-notch YouTube VPN are:

  • It offers huge servers worldwide that ensure quick and seamless access to content worldwide. 
  • iTop VPN protects your data online with world-class encryption. 
  • This YouTube VPN builds a safe tunnel for its users to access YouTube without compromising internet speed. 
  • iTop VPN doesn’t restrict your bandwidth speed. 
  • Kill switch, Ads block, global connections, etc., are some more amazing features of iTop VPN. 

Use a Browser Extension

Various browser extensions like Unblocker for YouTube also provide you with a simple solution to unblock YouTube. You just need to download a browser extension and start watching your blocked YouTube videos. 

However, you must remember the fact that browser extensions can get malicious easily. Therefore, whenever you are planning to use a browser extension, you must check its reviews and ratings. Besides that, you should also consider enabling antivirus protection to scan for any malware files.  

Download YouTube Videos 

Various smart devices now allow users to download YouTube videos. Besides that, various online services also allow you to download videos for free by copy-pasting their URL. You can open the video you want to watch, copy its URL, and paste it into your chosen video downloading service. 

This way, you can download YouTube videos and watch them offline on your computer system or mobile phone. 

Reasons Viewers Watch YouTube 

People may want to unblock and watch YouTube for various reasons as per their individual needs and preferences. Here, we have enlisted some of the key reasons that you must know in this regard. 

So, here we go:

  • YouTube hosts a vast amount of educational content, including tutorials, lectures, and how-to guides. Students and self-learners may want to unblock YouTube to access these valuable educational resources.
  • YouTube is a popular platform for entertainment, with millions of videos ranging from music and comedy to vlogs and short films. People may want to unblock it to watch their favorite entertainment content. 
  • Some professions require access to YouTube to view work-related content.
  • YouTube hosts news channels and independent news creators who provide information on current events and issues. Unblock YouTube is crucial for those who rely on these sources for news updates.
  • Many individuals use YouTube to showcase their creativity and talents, such as musicians, artists, and content creators. Unblocking YouTube allows them to share their work with a wider audience.
  • YouTube offers content in various languages and provides insights into different cultures. Therefore, people interested in learning a language or cultural exchange may unblock YouTube to access relevant content.
  • In some regions or organizations, YouTube may be blocked or restricted due to government censorship, network policies, or other reasons. However, people may want to unblock it to bypass such restrictions and access information freely.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is the leading video streaming platform that is flooded with all sorts of video content. Whether you are looking for DIY videos, entertainment videos, or educational content, YouTube has it all. Still, the service may be blocked in some areas due to multiple reasons. However, you can unblock YouTube easily by using a VPN, proxy server, browser extension, etc. Using iTop VPN is the best way to unblock YouTube, as it provides a faster yet safer solution to access YouTube. 


Ans: If you want to access YouTube service, which is unavailable in your country, then you need to install a VPN for this. Using a VPN service will let you bypass your IP address and change its server location. 

Ans: iTop VPN is arguably the best VPN for YouTube available out there. This VPN service doesn’t only allow you to access YouTube content easily. In fact, it will also help you to enjoy fast internet speed without any security concerns.

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