How to Use Video in Your Email Marketing

Every morning, you wake up and check your mails. Truth be told, this is one of the tasks which doesn’t excite anyone, and it’s just a method of waking up your mind for the upcoming work that needs to be done. But what if a mail makes you filled with excitement? What if your emails are the one which makes the day of a person who opens it? Well, we are here to make things easy for you. 

No other method of marketing can help a company communicate as quickly as a video. As a result, putting a video in your emails is an effective way to increase your potential customers’ conversion, brand, and awareness. With this article, we are trying to find some of the best usages of videos to gain more customers using email marketing. 

Tips On How To Make Video Useful For Your Email Marketing

Make A Roadmap For Your Campaign

Before you even think about sending a mail to someone, you need to think about why you are sending them a mail? What problem will it solve and how will it help the receiver? 

It would help if you made a campaign, keeping in mind your specific marketing strategies. In addition to this, you need to do proper research of your competitors and identify your target audience. Now once you are done with this, you have to decide on a budget and stick with it throughout the campaign. More than 87% of the businesses worldwide are using video marketing tools in one way or the other. 

Create A Video Landing Page 

Now, embedding a video in your email so that a receiver can watch it right from the mail is not a good practice as a lot of mail providers don’t allow videos to be played directly from their mail system. But you can quickly turn this issue into your benefit. Think about it like this, and you want to make the receiver complete a specific action, which includes the receiver leaving the tier inbox. 

Moreover, think about what will happen when you click a video that is in your mail. It might not work due to your mobile restrictions or mail application error. When you are making a video, you need to have a great intro to attract the audience in the first 5 seconds. With the help of an online intro maker like InVideo, your videos will have better customer retention, and people will watch your video with more interest. 

Keep Things Short

When you are trying to please everyone, keep in mind you don’t need to make a big video. Keep this tip in mind, and if a video is big with a long speech, it will eventually bore people. As a result, long videos are strictly a no for video embedding in email marketing. Keep things short and exciting, and try to end your video in 60 seconds to 120 seconds max. 

Attract Viewers With Local Event In Emails 

Does your business provide happy hours to its customers? Or you can have a sports facility which provides a free demo of yoga class once a week every Wednesday? These special events need to be highlighted when you are making a video and attracting new customers. It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a small event for your local community or organizing a global conference. A short video about the event will help you boost your email marketing and spread the word out. 

Promoting an event is one of the most useful things you can do using a mail system. It just makes sense, and there’s no better way to get the interest of your audience by giving them stunning videos with amazing visuals to make them disconnect from their surroundings for a little while. 

Use Animated Play Button

This is a bit of a hybrid. You can use it as a static image, or you can make a GIF out of it. When you create an animated play button, you will showcase to your viewers that they need to click on this to play it. So it gives users a better idea of whether they want to play the video or not. 

By putting a full circle on the video play button in the first frame, the video’s image looks good, and it will work better for the mail systems that work with static images only. 

Also, keep in mind to turn off the sound of the video which you have integrated into the mail. But at the same time, make the video autoplay, so when the user opens up the mail, the video starts to play without the noise. 

Link Up Your Video 

When a viewer watches your video on your site, you can easily collect data from them, which wouldn’t be possible if you had embedded your website’s link in your mail. You can find out which part of the video is more interesting for the people and how many times they watched and shared the video on multiple platforms. With this data’s help, you can easily make a better decision in making an email for your marketing campaigns and score leads, and give notification to your sales representative about the customer. 

You can use an outro maker such as this one here for your video editing in the email to give viewers a sense of accomplishment when they have watched your video completely and give them directions to reach your products and services. 

Include Captions In Your Video 

Most of the videos we play are muted when we are out in public or the office. This becomes a typical case when you don’t have an earphone with you all the time. As a result, to help viewers understand the video without even the presence of sound, you must have captions in your video. 

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In conclusion 

There you go; these are some of the methods that can help you boost your email marketing with videos. You can add as many videos as you want in your mails, but you need to be precise and accurate when sending messages using the videos. Now go and shoot the video that you want.

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