11 Simple Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Extra Cosy

A bedroom is a space in your home where you start and end your day. A good start or a place where you can recline cozily, after a day’s haste, is all you need. It is not just about placing a bed or a mattress but creating an ambiance where you can feel comfortable and rest mindfully.

A night of uninterrupted sleep is everyone’s desire, and many of you must be trying bedtime rituals like drinking chamomile tea or applying eucalyptus oil to relax and drift away to a sound slumber. A lot of emphasis is put on the use of natural and organic means and improved sleep quality. The same holds true with an eco-friendly area to sleep, and you can find an organic mattress for every budget, regardless of your personal style.

From soft bedding to adequate lighting, you can thoughtfully design your bedroom. Read on and get inspired to transform your bedchamber and feel rejuvenated.

You may wonder how to design your space when you have a combined bedroom and living room? We have an idea for you too. Visit Better Nights for getting more ideas. To effectively use up the space, a folded bed is an ideal pick for you and the rest of the design ideas are similar. Make use of the below-listed items or mix and match with your ideas and get the desired look.

1. A mattress

You may buy a bed frame or not, but a mattress is a must. Just after coming back home after a day’s work and you look for a bed where you can recline. A soft and comfy organic mattress can help de-stress and feel relaxed. You may place a colorful, floral sheet on it and pile up lovely and textured pillows for extra coziness.

2. Fancy headboard

If you want to give a stylish makeover to your bedroom, start with the headboard. They are a great way to provide a personal and distinctive touch not just to your bed but the entire space. Just like comfortable bedding, a solid headboard adds up to your personality, and you can lean back as you read a book. Suppose you use a folding bed at night-time, then substitute a headboard with a soft pillow against the walls and rest and read.

3. Use comfy rugs

The best thing to happen just after you wake up is to put your feet on something soft and inviting. You can choose from a great range of designs, styles, and colors to have a feel-good factor. Choose anything from the traditional rugs to the modern minimalistic ones.

4. Beautiful curtains

In your bedroom, you will need both natural light and also some privacy. Find curtains with a smooth texture and attractive colors that are soothing to the eyes and can also filter the afternoon sunlight for home occupants who would love to take a day-time nap. Try to match the colors with the cover on your quality organic mattress to create a beautiful combination.

5. Adequate lighting

You may receive the sunlight during the day, but you need ample lighting after dusk till you sleep. From a wide range of choices, you can go for a headlamp, a floor lamp, or a table light to make your surroundings visible at night. You may choose a task light at your dressing area as well. And if you want to filter the surrounding air, try a Himalayan salt lamp. 

6. Calming, peaceful art

Keep the walls decorated with beautiful artworks according to your taste. Experts suggest avoiding dark colors like oranges, reds, and dark hues of yellow that may stimulate your senses and interfere with your sleep. Instead, go for gray shades, blue or green tones to create a calming bedroom vibe.

7. Storage dresser

A bedroom must have enough storage capacity to organize your essential belongings but also remove clutters.  Nightstands and dressers are additional items to keep your items like wallets, keys, books, sunglasses, and knick-knacks.

8. A stylish mirror

How nice it is to wake up from a comfortable and soft organic mattress after a sound slumber and watch yourself before a beautiful mirror. With a statement mirror for yourself, you feel amazing every time you get ready before it. With the choice of mirror, you add a luxury touch to your bedroom.

9. Personal Decor

Want to give a touch of extra familiarity to your bedroom? You can exhibit some bold and meaningful accents that complement your personality. Think about your favorite perfume bottles and books, beautiful flower vases, ceramics, and jewelry holders. You can place them on the dresser and enjoy the vibes around you.  

10. Add some indoor plants

Indoor plants can be attractive and natural home décor. Find the easy-to-manage plants like succulents, cacti, and air plants with which you can add greenery with the least effort.  Plants are great design elements; just you must know what to have for yourself. And if you want to try something exquisite, go for the orchids; they are colorful but delicate, and you have to take extra care of them.

11. Seasonal decoration

What we have suggested till now is suited for any time of the year. You may also have seasonal and holiday decorations to add a different perspective and do away with anything mundane. You can decorate your room with l bouquets and wreaths with fresh flowers from the store or from your garden for Christmas. Adding a time-to-time new touch to your bedroom is always welcoming.

Bonus tips:  Keep technology out

For a restful sleeping environment, avoid bright lights and electronic appliances like television. The national sleep foundation suggests that temptation to watch TV before sleep can manipulate the circadian rhythm. Though, you can occasionally watch movies in bed. And if your laptop tempts you, leave them in your living room.


Along with a comfy and hybrid organic mattress, you need other bedroom essentials to create a perfect sleep environment. Transform your bedroom into a real cozy place with the cool ideas shared.

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