7 Industries that Successfully Use Headhunters

Headhunters are a special type of recruiter, only accepting the highest qualified candidates and knowing them on a personal level before putting them forward to potential employers. This creates a much more curated recruitment process and is more likely to end up with satisfaction on both sides of the employment line. But not every business needs a headhunter – often, a regular recruiter will be able to place candidates for most jobs. Let us examine which industries use headhunters and do so successfully.

The World of Finance

The banking industry deals with billions of pounds every day, funneling it through accounts, foreign countries and making millions of transactions each second. Therefore, anyone looking to break into the top end of the banking industry probably needs to use a firm of executive headhunters to vet and clear them for work with access to so much money. Head-hunters will ensure that candidates have the right legal training (from Data Protection and up) and certification needed to work in finance, as well as knowing that their client (the bank or financial institution) is a good place to work.

Supermarket Headquarters

While shopworkers are often hired at local levels in the company, the executives: Managing Director, CEO, and so on – are often situated at a centralized location, and are employed to examine the big picture of consumer spending, finding suppliers all over the world, making deals, and even applying to the government for grants to ensure that their products are affordable. These jobs are high-pressure and come with the need to deeply understand the world of retail – a mistake could disrupt the cash flow of the whole chain, sending the finances into a cascade of debt. Headhunters are used to providing a shortlist of reliable, steady, and intelligent candidates that the board can choose between with confidence.

Restaurant Chains

Restaurant chains’ finances are even more precarious than those of a supermarket, and the margins can be even slimmer. Again, a restaurant chain looking for executives for the C-Suite will be well-advised to use headhunters to investigate all the candidates and come up with a choice between the top two or three candidates.

Leaders in Hospitality

Hotel chains, like restaurants and supermarkets, need executives who know the industry inside and out, and who understand the fine edge between pampering customers and making a healthy profit – and how to do both at the same time! Headhunters who work in the hotel industry will have connections and lines of information that can help them, point hoteliers, to the best person for the job.

Private Healthcare

Private healthcare is big business, and what wealthy people want when they are willing to pay for healthcare instead of using the NHS is speedy service, first-class comfort, and all the mod-cons while they are treated for whatever ails them. The intersection between selling the service, ensuring world-class medical care, and offering a comfortable and safe experience is a small niche: one that can only be filled by a headhunter with expertise in the field of private healthcare.

IT Specialists

IT is such an enormous industry these days, and almost every company has an IT department or subcontracts to an IT firm in some way. The industry is growing exponentially and will continue to do so as technology and innovation advance. For most laypeople, it would be almost impossible to determine exactly what is needed from an IT executive: which is where a headhunter in the IT industry comes in. Not only will they have a good idea of what the business needs, but they will also be able to find a few people who offer those skills.


The insurance world, like banking, is built on money, but unlike banking, there is a strong resemblance to gambling in the work. The insurer is essentially betting that calamity will not befall their customers, enabling them to pocket a healthy profit. But insurance executives should not be gamblers by nature! Instead, they need the caution and thrift of an old-fashioned banker, but enough cognitive ability to accept enough policies to bring in enough money to keep the business afloat. Insurance headhunters will soon weed out any overcautious candidates as well as those with risk-taking behavior, keeping the insurance business ticking over nicely!

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