How to Keep Your Pet Warm in Winter

Do you want to keep your pet warm and comfortable in winters?

I know you do.

Winters are just as harsh on the animals as they are on us. But unlike humans, your furry pup cannot tell you that they are feeling cold and chilly. They cannot adapt to seasonal change as we do.

So, you must use appropriate precautions to keep your pets warm in brittle winters.

1. Keep Your Pet Inside

It’s no surprise that pets love to get out in the open, but since the temperatures drop drastically in the winters, they must stay inside.

Make sure you lock all the doors and windows so they don’t try to sneak out. Keep an eye out for them at all times.

Try to keep them hooked to your living room, and don’t let them crawl into cornered places.

2. Go on Walks During Sunlight

The sun outside is usually very mild during winters, especially in northernmost countries. But whenever you get a chance, go on a brisk walk with your pet when the sun is shining bright.

It is a healthy way to give them natural warmth. Exposure to sunlight also helps them build immunity against winter sickness. You can also play chase with your furry little pup on open grounds. The heat generated in the body during the run also has several health benefits.  

3. Make Them Wear Sweaters

I know it’s too cute seeing your pups in small sweaters and jackets and of course, it also helps you keep them warm.

It is a myth that pets are resistant to cold because of their body furs. In fact, the truth is if you are feeling cold then your pet is too. So, take proper care of them.

4. Feed Your Pet Well

Feed your pet well during the winters. Make sure your pet’s diet contains sufficient protein and other nutrients. It keeps them warm and healthy as the pets are less involved in physical activities during winters.

Talk to your vets and take notes of what should be good enough to feed your pet during the cold weather.

But make sure you do not overfeed them; it’s going to cause more problems for you.

5. Avoid Going to Icy Roads and Frozen Lakes

In some parts of the world, it gets really chilly outside, the temperature falls below negative. If you still want to take them out for a walk, avoid going near frozen lakes and roads with them.

They can hurt themselves with the hard ice on the road or they can fall down in the lake if they try to scratch the floor.

6. Be Ready for the Cold

You will definitely do everything in your control to protect your pet, but some things can still go wrong.

In situations that are not in your control, you cannot get panicked. Instead, you need to be prepared for the worst conditions, in advance. Keep all the medicines and pet care items handy. Call your vet, seek a consultation from him and make sure you follow the instructions to the T.

7. Get Their Beds Ready

Just like you pull up extra sheets and blankets for pushing away the cold, understand that your pet needs it too. Especially when it’s time to sleep, it gets too cold outside. 

Your pet may not be able to cope with that. So, keep their beds ready with some warm blankets so that they don’t catch a cold during the course of the night.

8. Give Shelter to Stray Animals Too

If it’s chilly for your pet, it might get worse for outdoor animals. You might not adopt them, but at least try to provide shelter during frosty nights. It is a kind and moral thing to do.

Over to You…

I know it can be tough to take care of your pet. And if it’s your first time, you are bound to feel overwhelmed.

But if you have proper pet care products from PetStock and a plan in your mind, you’re halfway through. Further, if you feel confused about where to start, the above-mentioned tips can guide you.

In the end, here’s one last important tip from me for your furry little pup: don’t forget to show affection to your pets. It warms them up from the inside.

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