Key Duplication at Home Depot

Have you ever lost your key? It’s quite common to lose your key at least once in your life. But it’s quite cumbersome. Maybe you have some emergencies, but you can’t find out your car key, for example. Now that you have lost the key – probably the only key, you are left with the only option of either going to a locksmith or a car dealership.

But this whole process might turn out to be quite frustrating. That’s why it’s better to have a duplicated copy of your key. When your key gets lost, you can easily get away with the duplicate copy.

In this article, I am going to write about some important things about key duplication at Home Depot.

Key Duplication at Home Depot

When it comes to duplicating keys, I think, Home Depot is the name that is highly likely to cross everyone’s mind at first. For over more than 40 years, they have provided a wide range of home solution services. And one of their excellent services is key duplication. If you are searching for the solution in Belgium, you can find it in Vitrier liege the following services.

Duplicate Your House Key

You went to a grocery, did some buying, and when you come back and look for your house/flat key in your pocket, you don’t find it. You have lost the key! Now you have to go to a locksmith.

But you can avoid all these hassles if you make a spare copy, that is, a duplicate key. It’s quite easy. You can go to a local Home Depot store. Give the key to one of the operators. He will do it for you in just within 5 minutes.

Duplicate Your Car key

It’s quite expensive to get a car key replacement, especially if you go to a car dealership. Apart from the smart car keys, which can be replaced by a car dealership only, the types of keys such as basic keys, switchable keys, transponder keys can be duplicated.

A basic key, as the name suggests, is just a key made of steel. Your house key is probably basic. You can duplicate a basic key at a Home Depot store. In fact, the machine that Home Depot uses is only capable of duplicating the basic keys.

The store usually has a wide range of key blanks. You give the key to them, and after scanning it, they will put a key blank inside the machine. Within the shortest time, typically around 1 minute, you will have a fresh and new duplicate key.

As I was trying to say earlier, this machine can only cut a steel-made key. Now you may ask, “what about a transponder key?”. As a transponder key comes with a transponder embedded inside the plastic head of the key, the machine can only cut the metal part of the key.

However, some Home Depot stores have the necessary technology to program the transponder. So you might be lucky if you have one of those Home Depot stores nearby. This might cost you $40 – $80.

DIY Home Depot Key Duplication

Nowadays, many Home Depot stores keep the machines open to customers. That means you don’t have to take the help of an operator there. It’s like a vending machine, and you can duplicate the key, operating the machine entirely by yourself. The simple user interface allows you to execute the task yourself.

Why Go to Stores like Home Depot?

The perk of getting a duplicate key just by going to a Home Depot or Walmart stores is that it makes you feel secure. You are given the option to duplicate the key by yourself. Also, these stores maintain the highest level of professionalism that makes you feel safe.

The most important thing is that the rate of a bad cut is extremely low. It becomes incredibly frustrating when the key doesn’t work due to the wrong cut. But at any Home Depot store, you will have a perfect cut.

Final Words

Gone are those days when duplicating a key was a bit troublesome, especially for the locksmiths. Now with the advent of state-of-the-art cutting machines, it’s become a cakewalk. And the stores like Home Depot and Walmart have extended this service to your door-step you might say.

So, if you are thinking about duplicating a key, I hope this article will help you. Now that you know a few things about this, you might consider going to a nearby Home Depot store.

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