Cannabis Seeds: An Unusual Food

The cannabis plant grows with little effort, with a high yield, and almost everywhere. Cannabis does not require herbicides, so it is ideal for organic cultivation.

Even the ‘hemp pope’. American Jack Herer said that only one plant could provide paper, textiles, and food. A renewable raw material that reduces pollution improves the soil and cleans the air: cannabis.

Nowadays, it is very easy to get seeds online. You can easily buy the best feminized seeds from Sensoryseeds, for example!

More About Cannabis

The Latin name Cannabis sativa means “useful hemp”. Cannabis drinks, hemp oil, and cannabis seeds for snacking: the range of foods in which cannabis plays the leading role is vast and constantly growing.

Edible cannabis seeds: small seeds = significant effects

Most European countries have grown hemp varieties with no or very low THC content. Cannabis seeds, also known as hemp nuts, are free of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the intoxicating active ingredient of hemp derived from the resin of the flowers (female plant). Hemp seeds can therefore be used legally! If you’re interested in buying THC-rich cannabis seeds, on the other hand, it’s crucial to do your research and ensure that you’re following all applicable laws in your country. That being said, if you’re looking for a reliable source of high-quality seeds, you may want to consider checking out Zamnesia’s seed shop.

About Cannabis and Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds grow almost everywhere and have been known to humanity for centuries. People used hemp to make fibers for shoes, clothes, ropes, and other materials. Nowadays, hemp seeds are popular as food. 

Cannabis seeds contain large amounts of high-quality and easily digestible protein: up to 25 grams per 100 grams of hemp seeds.

This is a very high percentage for a plant. Not only is the quantity incredible, but also the composition. Hemp seeds contain all 8 essential amino acids.

The body cannot produce them itself. They have to be ingested with food. The protein building blocks are essential for muscle building, cell renewal, and blood formation!

Did You Know:

In the Middle Ages, the peasant population ate hemp from gruel or butter from crushed seeds. The meat was given to the nobility, who called cannabis ‘peasant food’.

From a nutritional point of view, cannabis seeds can certainly be worth meat.

Hemp contains vitamin B 2, which is mainly found in animal products. Meat and dairy products are good sources of vitamin B 2. Except for the liver, there is more in hemp!

Cannabis: A Valuable Oil

Hemp also provides a strong and aromatic cooking oil. In addition, its high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids (over 70%) makes it valuable for our diet.

The human body needs these fatty acids for cell construction and a functional nervous system, for example, but cannot form them. It also contains a lot of vitamin E. As an antioxidant, it protects the cells of our body.

The color of the oil reveals the type of treatment:

  • A green-yellow color indicates cold pressing. The valuable ingredients of the oil are preserved.
  • If the oil is dark green, it has been hot-pressed. Heat-sensitive substances, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, are found here in a reduced form.

Cannabis Seeds Oil Use:

  • Use cold-pressed oil in the “cold kitchen”. Salads, tapenades, and sauces get a nutty taste, and desserts such as fruit salads get new flavors.
  • Use hot-pressed cannabis oil for steaming. It is not suitable for frying fat. From a temperature of 165° Celsius, the fatty acids in hemp oil break down and thus change the taste. In addition, substances harmful to our health are formed in large quantities.

Cannabis Seed Flour and Recyclable Materials

Cannabis seed meal is created by gently grinding the press paste obtained during the oil extraction process. A waste product that should never end up in the trash.

As an aromatic ingredient, it is ideal for cooking. In addition, hemp meal is an essential source of vegetable protein for vegetarians and vegans.

Mixed into muesli, smoothies, or soups, cannabis seed is a superfood. A unique feature is its residual content of valuable fat (about 25% of fat is still present in the flour).

In baking practice, hemp flour is not handled like cereal flour. Up to 15% of the flour can easily be replaced by cannabis flour. It does not contain gluten.

Hemp oil and cannabis flour provide the valuable gamma-linoleic acid responsible for firm nails and shiny hair.

Making Hemp Cakes and Drinks

Sprinkle cannabis seeds on muesli, yogurt, and salads or spread on bread. Mixed finely, hemp seeds make creamy desserts.

Hemp oil can be added to salad dressings. In addition, the flour from the seeds enriches bread and pastries. An excellent dessert is a fruit cake with hemp seeds.

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