Smart Ways to Make Your Office Energy-Efficient

Most offices support many people working together and utilize huge amounts of energy to operate devices such as air conditioners efficiently. Hardware devices, computers, and peripherals are always connected to the power lines, driving the energy bill higher. Company owners in some of the sunniest states like Florida prefer to reduce the energy imprint of their business offices. One way to do that is by taking advantage of solar power. You may contact SEM Power for commercial solar in Tampa to show you some cost-efficient ways to minimize your energy bills. 

Before you install solar panels on the roof of your business offices, there are other ways you can opt for to make your building more energy-efficient. Let’s take a look at how you could do that without spending much money and effort.

Replace All Your Standards Lamps with LED Lights

Some business offices still have traditional thermal lamps for lighting. Even though they are cheaper than the modern LED ones, they consume much more energy to give the same amount of lumens. Installing LED lights and replacing your standard thermal lamps is the first step to jumpstart your office energy efficiency.

LED lights offer cold or warm lighting and have a longer lifespan than standard lamps. They consume one-tenth of the electric energy compared to the lamps you use today. Another important benefit is that LED lights don’t emit heat and produce brighter and stronger light. They are the best solution when you need a bright and energy-efficient office.

Take Advantage of Daylight and Reduce Shading

Sunlight can also shed light in your business office during the morning hours. It’s more energy-efficient to turn off all artificial lighting and open the shades to let the sunlight enter the room. The bright room illuminates more than just the space, it brightens your employees’ moods. That makes your customers and employees feel better and improves their productivity. 

By reducing the amount of artificial lighting you use, you reduce the amount of energy you consume. That makes your office energy-efficient and reduces your CO2 imprint. 

Adjust Your Heating System to a Moderate Temperature

Central heating and cooling systems account for more than 50% of a business office’s energy consumption. Thermostats are the control units of the system and adjust the internal temperature in the office. It would be better to keep the desired temperature at a moderate level. That helps the cooling system to work easier without consuming much electricity. 

The same applies to winter when you want to heat your offices. It would be better to let the sunshine enter your rooms through the glass windows and heat the place. The heating system consumes a large amount of energy when asked to rapidly heat a cold room during business hours. It’s better to leave the thermostat at a stable temperature all year round rather than adjusting the desired temperature manually. 

Place All Computers, Screens, and Printers on Standy-By Mode

Simple actions could save a lot from your office’s energy bills. It’s better to educate your personnel to put all the devices in standby mode when leaving the building. Some business owners also like to appoint a certain employee as the energy officer. That person could be accountable for checking the standby mode on the devices before leaving the office.

Screens that operate all night consume an unbelievable amount of energy without any reason. It’s a lot more efficient to increase energy-saving awareness among your employees. You may even adopt a rewarding system for the highest energy-saving employees of the month.

Install Sensors to Turn Off the Lights at Night

Office lighting is a sensitive matter. That’s because lighting always goes hand in hand with security and surveillance. However, modern security cameras may also operate in full darkness. The best way to ensure that your office lights remain shut off at night is to place a sensor.

These sensors are easy to install and adjust according to your office needs. If they don’t feel a move for more than five minutes, these sensors shut off the lights in the office. The reverse action happens when the first employee enters the office the next day. Sensors are a brilliant solution when it comes to controlling lighting conditions in your office.

Being proactive with energy efficiency may offer you the chance to stand out from the competition. Business offices can easily waste energy, and that’s why your personnel should be ready to adopt environmental ethics. Upgrading your offices’ energy efficiency will not only save you money but also increase your company’s social responsibility.

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