The many benefits of blue light protection glasses!

If you’ve been working remotely, you’re sure to be spending a lot of your time staring at digital screens every day. By now, you would have already experienced headaches, red-eye, dry eye as a result of your time on the computer. And we know this because these are symptoms of digital eye strain or CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).

Digital eye strain has become more common as most people working from home average screen time of more than ten hours a day. And if you want to be relieved of these crazy headaches that you get at the end of the day, it’s time you try blue light protection glasses!

Why you may ask?

Blue light protection glasses have a coating that filters all blue light from screens and prevents it from reaching the eye. This means that you can save your eyes from being affected due to screens by wearing a pair of blue light protection glasses.

Why do we need protection from blue light?

Blue light refers to the visible wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum that our eyes perceive as blue. And the blue light is everywhere. In fact, the sun also emits blue light. But research has shown that High Energy Visible Blue Light (HEV Blue Light) can cause damage to the eye.

  • Blue light disrupts sleep cycles.

Yes, it is true. Blue light stimulates our brain to suppress the production of melatonin, the hormone that is responsible for regulating our circadian rhythms. Blue light from the sun thus stimulates us to be awake. But, spending long hours on screens can do quite the opposite! Blue light from your smartphone, laptop or tablet can thus disrupt your sleep cycle.

But wearing a pair of blue light protection glasses can help because they reduce the amount of blue light entering your eye, they can help you sleep on time.

  • Blue light protection glasses can help with Digital Eye Strain!

Blue light can cause headaches and other symptoms of digital eye strain. And if you’re tired of having headaches by the time you finish your work for the day, wearing blue light glasses can reduce these symptoms immensely.

  • Blue light may cause retinal degradation or cancer.

Blue light may damage the retina and increase the chances of you developing age-related macular degeneration. Research on mice has shown that exposure to high-intensity blue light can cause damage to the retina of the eye. But the exposure we are subjected to when we use our screens is much lower than used in the study on mice. This is why many ophthalmologists are not sure if blue light protection glasses can help. But, there’s no harm in wearing them!

Some links between cancer, obesity and blue light have been found but there is not enough scientific evidence to support the relationship.

Where should you buy your blue light protection glasses from?

If you’re buying glasses with blue light protection coatings, you should get designer frames from Specscart to wear them in style. No, we are not you to shell you money to buy designer glasses because it has cool and chic frames available from only £25. And yes, they deliver all their frames for free.

If you’re buying blue light protection glasses with simple prescriptions from Specscart, you should not be surprised if you get your brand new glasses within 48 hours. We’re not joking because it aims to dispatch most of the glasses within 24 hours.

Can’t make up your mind about which pair to buy? Select frames to try at home and Specscart will send the glasses to you. Happy Shopping for blue light protection glasses!

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