Marc By Marcs Jacobs: A Combination of Class And Fashion In One Timepiece

Fashion has never left the earth ever since the beginning. Women are one of the most conscious beings on earth, not only for their beauty but also for how they behave and dress in public. The fashion industry’s world is a unique cycle; everything comes back around but in a unique way. Same with the use of different accessories like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

The only thing that never goes out of fashion o matter how society evolves is the use of a timepiece. A wristwatch is perfectly worn among every woman in different fashion statements, and yes, sometimes, they add more impact on the way you look. Marc by Marc Jacobs offers you the best designs for watches entirely for women, like the ones stated below.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Model MBM3178

This model MBM3178 is one of the latest designs of Marc by Marc Jacobs watch that is created exclusively for ladies.  The watch has a beautiful design that would effortlessly complement your style and blend with it. They are best worn together with any formal, semi-formal, and even casual attires and they go perfectly with any occasions.

This watch has a two-tone case; a rose gold and a silver-tone in high-quality stainless steel, same with its straps. The watch’s dial and three subdials are made of silver with geometric style hour markers decorated with jewels. The hands of its watch have a gold-tone same as the hands of its subdials.

The watch also has a water-resistant feature up to 50 meters, or 5 ATM. This detailed design of the watch is one of their best sellers because of its feminine looking design. The watch is now on sale in the market at an affordable price of $172.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Model MBM3364

The MBM3364 model is known as Sally Rose in the market, perfectly crafted by professionals just for the ladies. This watch is best worn for any casual attires and would perfectly go with any design of dresses. This watch will also look great for your teenage daughter and would be an excellent gift for her since all the Marc by Marc Jacobs is known to be long-lasting.

The watch is entirely made of high-grade stainless steel in a rose gold-tone, together with its round case and solid back. This watch’s dial has a rose gold color, same as its hour marker and hands but darker. The watch is made to be water-resistant up to 5ATM. The watch is elegant, durable but at a very affordable price of $155, making a perfect gift to someone special.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Model MBM1269

For women who love back, minimalist, elegant watches, this model MBM1269 is the best pick for you. This watch is known to be the baker black in the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection of watches flawlessly created for women. The watch has a file quality of leather as its straps and a gold stainless steel buckle.

The watch’s case is entirely made of stainless steel in gold-tone, the dial of the watch is made of black and its hour markers, and hands are made of gold-tone stainless steel. Aside from HDsector from this sophisticated look, the watch has a water-resistant feature of 5 ATM or 50 meters. You can own this watch at an affordable price of $164.


Women around the world deserve the best of everything because of their hard work and dedication. That’s why Marc, by Marc Jacobs, created different astonishing designs of watches that could easily fit any woman’s preference and style. The ones listed above are some of their best designs! Marc by Marc Jacobs can offer you all your fashion needs.

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