Best Marketing Ideas for Orthodontists

There are some businesses that are unique or different when it comes to marketing. Those in the medical world are particularly difficult to place. This is why orthodontists need advice on marketing their services. Orthodontists provide a unique and essential service, but it is not one we seek for pleasure! 

We’re going to look at some of the ways that orthodontists can market their business effectively. Before we move on, we recommend you read this comprehensive selection of ideas at OrthoPatients, as they have put together some great ideas. Let’s begin our quick look at marketing ideas that work for orthodontists. 

Marketing Ideas That Work for Orthodontists

While we accept that marketing an orthodontist’s business is different too, for example, a retail outlet or home improvement service provider, the same methods can be used, but in perhaps a different way. We begin with a look at one of the essential areas of digital marketing: social media. 

Social Media Marketing

If you don’t use social media for marketing, you are a step behind the competition that does. We cannot stress how powerful social media is in marketing terms. The problem is getting it right. You need to post interesting content that people want to read: informative, engaging, and educational. People may not be aware of the job of an orthodontist, so tell them about unusual solutions you have to come up with.

If you’re not a great writer, then you can pay a good one to write for you, and you’ll find it’s not expensive. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – the ‘big three’ – are essential to your marketing content, and you will find that they engage with a wide audience. You should also make sure your content is locally relevant, as your audience is in your immediate area.

Where social media is perhaps most important is in engendering social trust. This is, in fact, not a new concept but the digital version of ‘word of mouth.’ You go to a new shop, tell all your friends about it, and recommend it. When it comes to a professional such as an orthodontist, trust is essential. The more people comment on your Facebook about the excellence of your service, for example, the more your social trust level grows. Get an expert to help with your social media marketing, as it is worth the effort.


If you’re not familiar with hashtags, you really need to be. You will have seen them, but how can they work in marketing an orthodontist? Hashtags are about gathering a lot of relevant information in one accessible place. You could use #orthodontist, for example, or #braces or other regular orthodontics you use in your work.

Don’t string many hashtags together at the end of a post, as many people find this annoying. Instead, put them throughout your content, one at a time. Remember that many people will not read an entire article; they are looking for a link to the information they need. Place hashtags carefully, and they will work for you. 

Paid Ads

Always use paid ads from the likes of Google Ads, for example. They make an impact, and people like to see that you are putting effort into your marketing. Use local ads especially. Localization is vital for a business providing such a specific service. The most popular form of search is ‘find an orthodontist near me/in ‘enter town’ and is usually performed on a hand-held device. Make sure your ads are optimized locally and for smartphones. 

Run Giveaways

This may sound like an odd suggestion for an orthodontist business, but giveaways are a great marketing tool for such a profession. Look at it this way: orthodontists are not seen as friendly professionals you look forward to meeting! Running a giveaway or competition paints you in a different light and allows you to present yourself and your profession as something more palatable. It’s cheap, it’s simple, and it’s effective, and will have people returning to your blog, website, and social media pages. 

Comment on Blogs and Social Media

We need to come back to social media once again for a quick paragraph or two. One important aspect of social media marketing is of engaging with others. While you are running a blog to encourage others to comment on your content, you should be regularly commenting on other relevant content. 

For example, follow the blogs of your suppliers or other professionals in your field, and comment on them. Make it useful information, join in conversations, and you’ll reach a wider audience.  

Get an Expert to Optimize Your Website for SEO

This is a vital part of any marketing campaign for any business, but especially so for professionals and those in the medical world. Your website needs to be bang up to date, easy to use, informative, and – most important of all – fully optimized for search engine optimization (SEO.)

SEO is the key to getting your website on top of the list, especially when you are looking at a local potential customer base. SEO is not a ‘dark art’ and nor, as some think, is it immoral. It is simply a method of ensuring your business ranks in the search engines on the front page.

It is always recommended you get an expert to optimize and manage your website SEO. You are aiming at Google – by far the most used and powerful search engine – and they change their parameters every now and again, effectively refining the search process. An SEO expert keeps up with this and will help you keep up with it too.


The above are just a handful of the marketing ideas that will work for an orthodontist, and we are not exaggerating when we say this is just the tip of the iceberg! The world of digital marketing is an ever-changing one, and we strongly recommend you talk to an expert who will help build a successful marketing campaign for your business. We hope this article has helped, so good luck with your future venture.

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