Marriage is a New Stair of Life Cycle

Life would be complete after marriage, bringing a new set of life challenges. While you may think marriage will conclude every problem of your life and now your life would be a cakewalk, it’s wrong as it is not really like that. Yes, there will be a life filled with love. However, if anyone told you the world changes after marriage only in an arranged marriage, it is a lie. Many things change after marriage, even if you are married to the love of your life. Suppose you are also looking for someone to log on to the Canada marriage bureau for the best life partner. In this new phase of life, some changes come in every other person’s life:

You Become Less Social:

you end up having all your time with your partner and his family, which is fine. Your life now rotates around your husband, your newly assembled home, your new life challenges, and your new responsibilities. Yes, you have to get to equilibrium, but it takes time. You end up forgetting promises to your friends and colleagues.

You Have to Split Your Holidays and Festivals:

your family and social times get divided and demanding for equal time. It is not just about the parents and holidays, and vacations are restricted to them. You need to dedicate equal time to both of your families now. Initially, the holiday time is only for parents and friends.

You Miss Your Alone Time:

being single is the happiest phase of life, when you start earning, taking charges of your own, paying your bills, and deciding everything by yourself. Marriage changes all of these things. Sorry, but it does. Sometimes you demean your marriage decision; you end up thinking about whether you rushed into it or is it the right decision. This does not have anything to do with your love towards your partner or family. These thoughts are natural and pop up only because, at the time, you missed your old life, single life, carefree version of yourself. Many Australian girls for marriage are looking for Indian boys and want to settle in India as Indian weddings have respect on the world map.

Sex is Not the Only Thing of Married Life:

it is funny to see how conveniently people assume that marriage means regular sex life or intercourse every day. Well, sorry to break this myth, it does not. The frequency just goes down month by month. Ideally, no couple can have sex every day. More importantly, sex could wait, if not today, and you end up taking it for granted. If not today, it could happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

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Weekend Plans Have Changed:

one thing which nobody would ever tell you about marriage is how your every Friday party converts into grocery shopping. Not exaggerating, but it is a fact, in real life, every couple has to go through this change, and every other person lives for food.

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