Best Material Choices for the Organic Blanket for Babies

After your parents, your child is the one you care about the most. You would not want anything wrong with the apple of your eye. Whether it is a toy, any clothes, or an organic blanket for babies, you have to select the best for your child. Parenthood is all about keeping your little one safe from every element that can cause it any harm. 

Infants are susceptible, and their skin is prone to rashes and infections. It becomes difficult for the baby to tolerate the itchiness, and the parents also can not see their baby crying. That is why having products that are soft and suit your child’s skin is crucial. We can not know how many dust particles and chemical elements sit in our surroundings in our everyday life. It can affect your toddler’s health. So it is better to use organic and natural materials for all the stuff related to your child. And when it comes to blankets and swaddles, organic products are a must. 

Whether you plan to make a blanket at home or willing to buy one, you need to know what material is best. Undoubtedly, an organic blanket for babies is what will suit your purpose, that is, the comfort and health or your newborn. And these products are reusable too. Investing in organic baby products like bolsters, pillows, beddings, blankets, swaddles, etc., is a wise decision. These items can be passed on as an heirloom for children in your family and even your friends. 

Types of material you can use for making organic blankets for babies

People often celebrate new life with presents, parties, cards, and a lot of baby stuff. Generally, all of them are made with fabrics that are suitable for the sensitive skin of babies. But everyone does not need to know about the kinds of material that are required for the baby. 

Each baby is unique, and their skin is also different. On reading further, you will understand that what fabrics will best suit your infant. Companies can use these fabrics to make everything like a natural bolster, an organic bed, and an organic blanket for babies. The following materials make these products a perfect choice for babies.


Cotton is the most preferred fabric when it comes to baby products. It is highly absorbent, soft, and gentle to your baby’s skin. Most significantly, when you buy cotton items, you know that they are made from a fibre that will not damage the earth. Free from any chemical residues, cotton is the perfect material for organic baby apparel. It comes in various forms like cotton jersey, cotton terry-towelling, brushed cotton, and cotton fleece. These are the wide varieties of organic cotton suitable for blankets, bedsheets, bolster covers, etc. Most significantly, it is easy to clean, so you need not invest a lot of time cleaning. 

Bamboo rayon

Another earth-friendly material is bamboo. It is a fast-growing plant and requires significantly less farming fertilisers and other chemicals. As a result, the fibre is very soft and free of chemicals. It gets even smoother every time you wash it. So when you are looking for an organic blanket for babies, you can choose bamboo fibre as breathable, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial. We all know babies spit now and then. But what is impressive about bamboo rayon is that it stays fresh longer than any other fabric. So you need not wash it again and again. 

Polyester fleece

The name may misguide you, but polyester “polar” fleece is made with recycled plastic, and it is environmentally sound. They last long if taken care of properly. They do not soak up water quickly, which implies they are breathable and suitable for warmer weathers. Fleece is comparatively light and does not catch up on dust very quickly. So overall, it is a good fabric for organic blankets and bed sheets for your baby.


Muslin is a cotton fabric that is plainly woven. It can be made in the lightest and heaviest forms. You can never have enough muslin baby products. It is a delicate fabric with a soft texture that is perfect for an organic blanket for babies. It is a very versatile cloth that is used for making clothes for adults as well. Muslin is an airy cloth, and you can cover your baby with muslin blankets without worrying that it gets too hot. 


It is a human-made fibre and still organic fabric. Microfibres are made from polyester and spun into threads of less than one denier or lesser dimension. They are long-lasting materials and are attractive and soft. Also, if you deal with spills quickly, they are stain-resistant too. They have excellent absorption quality, so you need not worry if your infant is spitting a lot. Once you have used it as an organic blanket for babies long enough, you can use it as a cleaning cloth later. It is a critical factor to know that it may catch fire if not taken care of properly. So it might not be perfect always. 

Organic products are the best, without any doubt. Whether you sew your child’s clothes or buy them from a store, you must know that it perfectly suits your baby. Usually, all organic fibres go well with the sensitivity of your child’s skin. So, you can be carefree if you opted for organic products for your infant.

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