Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Carpet Removal Services

Choosing a carpet removal service to do that strenuous work for you is a good decision. Not everyone has got the time that’s required to remove a carpet himself either. However, when you’re hiring a carpet removal service, you should be careful. Not each service truly provides you with the necessary service. Before you make your decision, consider the following points to avoid any bad surprises. Click here to find a reputable carpet removal service nearby.

1. You didn’t compare prices

Most people tend to just go with the flow and pick the next best carpet removal service that comes their way. While that’s not directly a bad thing, maybe you could have gotten a better offer from another service. You’d certainly be dismayed to find out that another service could have done the job for 100 bucks less. Don’t pay more than you need and put some effort into your research. Get an estimate from several services for an informed decision. However, the price for their carpet removal services is not entirely one of the main points.

2. You didn’t check for reviews

In order to find the best carpet removal in the world, it’s always best to ask your friends and family. While not everyone needs carpet removal on a regular basis, at least one of them recently has. A friend or a relative can provide you with an in-depth review you’d never find on the internet. Should no-one you know be able to refer you to a great carpet removal service, it’s time for research. Open your laptop and find reviews about any carpet removal service in your area. You may also want to check social media, if the service has a page on Facebook, for example. Not all reviews are displayed on the webpage by a service. If you only see five-star reviews on the web page of a carpet removal service, it could be a really good sign. Be aware, though, that some companies display fake reviews. 

3. You had no personal conversation

You can get a good guess about the carpet removal service principles with personal conversations. Instead of dropping an anonymous and impersonal email, take up the phone. Call them and see how they fare on the phone. If they take a long time to reply, it could be a sign of them being extremely busy. The busier a service is, the better it usually is. No one hires a carpet removal that isn’t good. At the same time, it could also be a sign for them that they can’t be bothered. The longer they take to get back to you, it could foreshadow their unreliability. You don’t want to hire a carpet removal service that may or may not show up when agreed. Neither would you like to have an impolite team in your home?  

4. You didn’t check their qualification

The worst you probably could do is to hire some flyby carpet removal that you found on craigslist or Kijiji. Ok, a lot of people are probably just looking for work and offer their services as a start-up. Unfortunately, anyone can claim to be qualified for a wide arrange of jobs on the internet. While those might be the cheapest and not always the worst, they could cause you a lot of trouble. You don’t know if they’re experienced. A proper carpet removal service should be able to provide you with certificates or similar proof. Hiring a team of inexperienced carpet removal guys may not only cost you more in the end. The job could be done insufficiently and result in damages.

5. Your chosen carpet removal service has no insurance

This would be another reason why it would be wise to avoid cheap flyby-services. Without the carpet removal service being able to provide insurance, trouble may be ahead. You could be lucky that nothing happens during the carpet removal. However, if any damages occur, no one’s going to compensate you. Instead, you’ll have to dash out even more money to get a pro that fixes the damages. Especially if you have delicate extras in your home, such as a floor heating system, you need to make sure the service has insurance. Technically, your walls shouldn’t suffer any damages during the carpet removal, but you never know. Even as the guys carry out the remains of your carpet, damages to the surrounding area could occur.  

6. Disposal fees are not included

As you’ve gathered a bunch of estimates and checked to experienced staff that’s insured, read the small print. A lot of carpet removal services may lure you in with especially cheap offers. Make sure the fees they propose do include disposal fees. Depending on the size of your old carpet it could well end up being a couple of hundreds of dollars. When you hire a carpet removal service you want to make sure the estimate includes all fees.  

7. You didn’t clear out the room

A carpet removal requires the room in which a carpet is to be completely empty, Not a single piece of furniture should be left inside. Most carpet removals are happy to do it for you, but that’s going to raise the bill. If you can’t manage the furniture removal a day or two ahead, please make sure to have it included in your estimate. If you’re lucky, the carpet removal service will do it for free. Either way, let them know in advance. Moreover, without the respective room is empty, the guys can’t start. That means they will have to spend more time at your place. It could seriously mess up their schedule and aggravate other clients. You have no idea how many people ‘forget’ the carpet removal guys are coming around.

Final Tip

Offer the carpet removal service some refreshments and show them your gratitude with a tip once they finish.

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