Top 6 Modern Building Techniques that Saves Time

Construction of buildings and places has been done for the last 100 years, maybe more. But as the world advances with the up-gradation of technologies and cultures, the techniques of construction are also changed. We can call it a modern building technique. We brought you some modern techniques that save time while constructing, even if you are aware of these techniques let’s read on because who knows you’ll find some new details:

1) AR Assisted Building:

As the world is upgrading with new technologies every day, the construction of buildings and houses is also upgrading with new systems of construction equipment. We all are aware of Augmented Reality(AR,). Augmented Reality systems are used in construction sites too. From the planning of the building to constructing it, the AR system provides an easy approach to all the builders so that they can create buildings smoothly. Did you know if you combine building modeling structure with AR, it will create a perfect visualization of what a building will look like once it’s constructed? AR is the only system through which you can see the whole picture of the building that you are going to build.

2) 3D Printed Map of Building:

Many of us think being an architect or a builder is like a piece of cake. But realistically constructing a whole building requires a lot of effort, time, and thought. In this fast-paced changing technology world the construction and modeling of buildings are also changed. The systems are changed. Nowadays while planning a map of buildings 3D technology is used so that you can see the whole structure of a building like it is being constructed right in front of your eyes. Moreover, 3D map creation provides every detail perfectly so that if you want then you can change the way of construction in a good way.

3) Strong Concrete:

Did you know there is concrete with the name of self-healing concrete, in easier words we can say it is strong concrete? Basically, self-healing concrete is equipped with all the advanced materials that are used in concrete. This concrete repairs all the cracks itself by tackling harmful bacteria.

4) Twin Wall Technology:

As we all know precast concrete techniques are widely used in construction. The twin-wall construction technique is a branch of precast concrete that is used to coat an extra layer on the concrete. In easier words, twin wall technology offers the same benefits as a precast concrete system, but it has the extra benefit of covering the whole wall or floor in perfect concrete so that it cannot be harmed. Among many modern technologies, twin wall construction technology is widely used by builders because in twin wall technology each unit has been installed with two plates of precast concrete that is linked by steel reinforcement. This way as you can read it provides extra protection to the building.

5) Precast Cladding Panels: 

Like many of the modern techniques of construction precast concrete is one the most effective modern way that can be created for the betterment of construction. Basically, precast concrete is a product that is made of normal concrete that is cast in reusable form so that it can be environment friendly and easy to use. The same way a precast cladding panel is made of precast concrete in which the outer structure of a building is covered with it so that it can protect the building from any harmful substances. Usually, it is used in building schools, massive buildings, hospitals, etc. 

6) Tunnel Formwork System:

Constructing a building requires the best planning but sometimes you have to be witty with the whole planning. Many architects and builders use the Tunnel Formwork System to achieve accuracy in constructing a building. But you might be wondering what exactly is the Tunnel Formwork System(TFS)? Well, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Basically, TFS is a system in which the ejection of slabs and walls is done in operation in everyday construction. Through this process, the speed, accuracy, and quality of construction are increased in a massive way. It operates the whole process of construction smoothly. This form of system in construction is known to have earthquake-resistant construction of buildings.

These are some modern building techniques that are used nowadays to construct buildings smoothly and easily.

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