23 Most Effective Fitness Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Gym

Whether you are an owner of a small gym or chain of gyms, marketing is one of the most critical aspects of running your business successfully. Gyms or fitness clubs have to compete in a local market environment mainly, so they should opt for business strategies accordingly.

To up the marketing game for your business, you need to follow a healthcare marketing guide. In this article, we discuss the  24 most effective marketing strategies to grow your gym business.

Effective Marketing Strategies to grow your gym business:

1. Creating a website

More and more people are going online and using the Internet to get information for any product or service. A website is the best way to establish your online presence. It should be user-friendly to be able to attract clients. A website should be simple to navigate, informative, and have a presence in all search engines. 

You don’t need to create the website from scratch; there are various tools available using which you can easily create a website for digital marketing.

2. Appear the best in town

Get a professional logo, one that conveys your message at first glance. A logo will make you appear trustworthy. The reason is simple if your gym or fitness club appears amateur, it will not attract a crowd. So the logo is one of the best tools for boosting your branding.

3. Create special customer offer

If your gym is new in the locality and faces competition from many others, you must create special introductory offers for your customers. It has been evident that special or promo offers help drawing customers. 

Do not worry about discounting; your aim initially is to create a customer base; once you are successful in doing so, you can turn to more people to up-sell your business and turn them into loyal customers.

4. Market consistently

There is no season to work out, so you should also not wait for any particular season or festival to market your gym. Steady and consistent fitness marketing round the year will go a long way in realizing the profits.

5. Targeting prospects with direct mail

One of the best ways to save money while you are devising a marketing strategy for your gym is to include targeted email marketing. To target your prospects, you need to decide your target audience. 

You can figure out your target audience by analyzing your current client list. Note their distinct characteristics and interpolate them to arrive at your target audience. Now send targeted messages to these people only.

6. Make a video

This is the second and the most crucial step for your digital marketing. Just create a beautiful promo video and upload it on youtube. You can also link the same video to your website.

7. Facilitate an online scheduling service

In today’s digital world, people want everything in a click. Customers expect using an online scheduling service so that when they hit the gym, they do not waste even a single minute.

For the same reason, you should create an online scheduling service available for your clients. Using a scheduling software, your clients can register for their classes online, either from their laptops or from their smartphones. These automated, online registrations will extend you the benefit of evaluating how many registrants you have for individual classes.

8. Expand your presence in all online listings

Many of your prospects will search online and see several listings on sites like Google, Bing, and Yellow Pages. To make the best out of your marketing, you need to be present on all these sites. 

9. Capture most of the leads visiting your website

You should be able to capture leads from people visiting your site as more than 90% will not buy anything, but if you obtain their information correctly, they might be your future customers.

10. Get Google listing

Register for a free of cost Google My Business account. This will also help you to appear on Google Maps.

11. Reach out to your potential customers through Facebook

Facebook offers a single platform to reach a larger audience, so leverage it to reach your potential customers.

12. Ask for referrals

You might ask for referrals from your loyal customers, as this will give you a genuine lead. Your local customers will be aware of people interested in the gym to introduce you to a genuine audience.

13. Invest in Google pay per click ads

It is one of the best ways of digital marketing and generating leads. It has been an effective tool for display ads also. With the Google Pay per click ads, you can make your ads appear both on Google Maps and the organic listings whenever anyone searches for fitness marketing in the Google search engine. Moreover, you can bid on keywords like “best gyms,” “best fitness gym,” etc. The Google Adwords tool will suggest the best bid for you, and you will be able to bid how much you want.

14. Create a blog to generate leads

By publishing helpful articles related to health and fitness, you can create more leads than other businesses. The articles should be on the relevant subject and enjoyable to read. According to research by Hubspot, if you publish helpful articles on your gym’s blog, then you can generate 4.5 times more leads as compared to other businesses that do not follow this practice. So creating blogs is one of the best ways to generate leads.

15. Create a community, both online and offline

Create a community so that your current clients and your prospects alike feel belonging to a group. You can create a Facebook group or a weekly class. Alternatively, you can host a monthly get-together online, a hiking group, or a yoga group, anything according to your convenience. You can also ask experts to come to your gym and give some health-related tips to your customers.

16. Post pictures and videos on social media

People love to see and comment on images and videos. Especially, platforms like Instagram and TikTok get more traction from images and videos posted on them. By doing this, you can get more clicks, and you can generate better leads.  You can post pictures of your gym, before and after the weight transformation of your clients, or any fun-filled events you are hosting.

17. Partner with other similar businesses

Form partnerships with other related companies like physiotherapy or yoga class and go for mutual promotions. You both can promote each other’s business and get benefitted mutually. You can explore various businesses to form partnerships such as nutrition shops, health stores, or sports shops.

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18. Follow up with your leads religiously

If you have got some genuine leads through various channels, your next step should be follow up. By doing so, you can convert 80% sales and make them your customers. It is quite possible that the majority of leads will not close in the first attempt, but you have to keep following subtly, maybe through emails. You can use email marketing software like Mailchimp for building an email campaign for sending a series of emails to your prospects.

19. Keep track of your results

You must keep track of your digital marketing results. This will show you which of your marketing efforts deliver results and which ones you should discontinue. Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that tracks many variables for your campaign(s) such as visitors to your website, age, location, pages they visited the most, the duration for which they stayed o a page, and much more.

20. Send out a weekly newsletter

Start planning a short and interesting newsletter to be sent out to your clients. You can send newsletters with news related to gym updates, new equipment, or new classes.  This way, you will be able to pique the interest of both the current and the former members. And yes! Do not forget to leave an unsubscribe link to make sure that you respect your client’s privacy.

21. Re-marketing

By creating remarketing ads for people who visit your web page, you can extend the benefits of a discounted membership. By doing this, you can also measure the success of these campaigns easily. 

22. Hosting events

Try hosting a social event at your gym or another venue and tell your customers to invite their friends.  You can host an event like Yoga Day of free aerobics classes. This is a good way of networking and meeting with your client’s peers. 

23. Try affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a great marketing strategy for your gym. It can get you, clients, from people they respect. Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for both client and the marketer.

There are hundreds of fitness marketing strategies available. You have to find one that best suits you as well as your business needs. You must keep in mind the impact your marketing strategies are making on your customers.

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