Rocks That Rule: 7 of the Most Popular Precious Stones for Jewelry

The age-old saying is true: diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Still, as trends change and jewelry-lovers begin to prioritize quality, cost, and color when shopping for stones, a variety of precious stones have taken up the spotlight.  

Beauty, versatility, and availability have all defined humanity’s love for the most popular precious stones for jewelry. Whether you’re on the hunt for bridal jewelry, a gift for a loved one, or a treat for yourself, you’ll be glad you did your homework before making a purchase. If you’re searching for a rock that rules, check out this list of the seven most popular precious stones for jewelry. 


To some jewelry owners’ surprise, sapphire and ruby come from the same stone called corundum. Gemologists give the stone a different name depending on what minerals cause its color.

Chromium causes the gorgeous pinkish-red color that stains a ruby, while titanium, iron, and nickel define the signature, multi-layered blue of a sapphire. The hardest stone besides a diamond, sapphires can become a family heirloom for generations because of their durability. 


Although brittle if smashed with a hammer, diamonds are the hardest precious stone and reign supreme as the most famous bridal stone for engagement and wedding rings. Jewel-enthusiasts adore diamonds for their versatility. After all, a diamond’s white, multi-faceted vibrance can pair seamlessly with nearly any outfit or accessory. 

Still, diamonds aren’t the ideal stone for anyone. Those who are highly active or spend much of their time outdoors will find that their diamonds might chip if they bump into hard surfaces at an unfortunate angle. 


Tanzanites may not be as well known as diamonds and sapphires, but these precious stones boast a unique beauty that has become increasingly popular. Originally found only in Tanzania, Tanzanite shines with exceptionally gorgeous purple and blue tones. This precious stone is relatively durable with medium hardness. 


The deep, bright green emerald is reminiscent of royalty and wealth. Emeralds are relatively resilient and stand up to everyday wear and tear but aren’t particularly hard. For this reason, jewelers typically don’t encourage newlyweds to purchase emeralds as the center stone for a lifetime bridal ring


It is rumored that ancient societies believed that the mysterious opal was the most powerful of all gemstones. Opal is a hydrated form of silica and shines with a vivid multi-colored appearance. Their unique color profiles make them a highly desirable stone. 

While beautiful, Opals are delicate. Opal owners should be mindful that their stones risk chipping and breaking. 

When shopping for opal jewelry, it is wise to shop mindfully and be wary of merchants selling fake or synthetic opal. While there is nothing inherently wrong with purchasing an artificial stone, shoppers should do their best to avoid buying a fake Opal for the price of an authentic one. 


Topaz is another popular precious stone that boasts a wide range of colors. Though it can come in orange, gold, pink, and white, blue topaz is the most commonly found in local jewelry stores. The reason this precious stone has become so popular is just as clear as the gem itself. A tough, hearty stone, topaz looks beautiful in sterling silver or gold for everyday wear. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing jewelry for a gift or personal wear will be even easier after you consult this list of the seven most popular precious stones for jewelry. One of these beautiful stones is bound to speak to your heart, so don’t be afraid to listen.

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