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If you love animation, then you cannot keep yourself afar from Turning Red. It is one of the most-watched American fantasy comedies released in 2022. The film is set in Toronto, Canada, where it follows a young 13-year-old Meilin ‘Mei’ Lee, who is a Chinese-Canadian student with a curse passed on from generation. She supposedly transforms into a giant panda whenever she experiences any strong emotion. Watch out for the star voices in the movie. The story follows the life of the director, Shi who was born and brought up in Canada. The film was released on Disney Plus online streaming platform in March. You can learn how to screen record Disney plus and watch the movie offline. 

Now, you can watch the movie in one go or download it in parts. It is easy to keep track of series like these, with offline options like with mystream Disney plus downloader. You can start your whirlwind journey into the world of Meilin ‘Mei’ Lee by learning how to rip movies from Disney plus, as well. When the internet is a distant dream, you can utilize offline content and have fun. 

Movie Name… Turning Red

Ratings: 7.1/10

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy 

Directed by: Domee Shi 

Produced by: Lindsey Collins

Voiceover: Rosalie Chiang, Sandra Oh, Ava Morse, etc. 


If you love computer-animated series like Turning Red, this is for you. You will find the main protagonist experiencing a very odd problem. This fun-loving and happy-go-lucky 13-year-old youngster is shown staying with her mother. You will find her going through a period of teenage blues. Her over-protective mother Ming is always on guard when it comes to her daughter, which is but an unfortunate thing for the youngster. She faces all the normal problems that occur at this age, like periods, relationship issues, and body changes. However, one thing that bothers her the most, is the fact that she turns into a giant red panda, whenever she is unable to control her emotions. Check out this awesome story with mystream Disney plus downloader. It takes the audience to 2002 when the scene is set. An over-archiver in class the youngster, considers herself to be just perfect if you leave out the giant panda.

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The film starts with Meilin ‘Mei’ Lee appearing as one of the brightest students in her class. She is an A+ grader, who is enjoying her time with friends in school. At 13 years, she has a close-knit group of friends in class. The film also pans the camera on the family temple, of which she is a devotee. Her ancestors honored Sun Yee, who loved animals. You can also find the girl swooning over a handsome lad from the latest boy’s band 4* Town. In the next scene, you can catch Mei helping her mother tidy up the family temple. You will encounter parental pressure, like all parents. In the meanwhile, Mei draws some pictures of a guy at the convenience store, which her mom finds out. Ming, her mom, warns the same guy to stay away from her daughter. 

Catch up with more such instances with the mystream Disney plus downloader. In the same flow, Ming reveals the curse of the giant red panda that has been passed on to daughters in the family, for generations. However, Ming has a cure for her daughter. In the next Blood Moon, they can perform a ritual that will alleviate the problem. She also warns Mei, that the more she transforms it will be harder to control. You can see more of the girl and her friend’s escapades. In the preceding scenes, there is news of the 4*Town coming to play at their location. During one such happening, the audience gets to learn about Mei’s escape to the show. That is where she reveals her transformation to a few. After the destruction of the SkyDome, Mei has better control over her powers. So, she also fights with Ming to leave her alone. 

Twists and Ideas

You have to agree after watching ‘Turning Red’, that it is a lovable watch. It has been described as a new-age comedy movie. You cannot find something cleverer and sunnier than this. You can also it as Disney’s approach to puberty. Pixar justifies the movie and its approach. It is stuffed with twists and turns that you will simply love to watch. You might know what’s coming ahead in the movie. The Chinese mythology-inspired show emulates other shows like Monsters Inc and Toy Story. Dialogues pertaining to periods are one of the top draws of this movie. So, parents watching the movie may turn red at times. Another turning point of the movie is when the protagonist learns to control her transformation. However, you can call it education through animation. In spite of being packed with punches, nothing is out of place. It is an effortless narration that guides you through. Moreover, this is the third Pixar movie to get an OTT release. You will soon learn how to rip movies from Disney plus, to get an edge over the others. 

Final Verdict

The movie has received immense critical acclaim. Some sections of the movie-watchers are of the opinion that it is an inappropriate movie for children. It supposedly teaches kids to go against their parents. However, the lead voiceover artist spoke up against all the drama, saying the movie was aimed at all. Moreover, the movie has also raised issues like puberty and periods, in a playful tone and that is surely worth a watch. You should definitely learn rip movies from Disney plus. 

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Mystream Disney plus downloader is very easy to install and run. You can find out the steps that work here. Know how to rip movies from Disney plus and watch them later on. It is easy to do so. You can click on seasons and individual episodes as well. This is how you download from MyStream. 

Step 1– You have to install and run the platform. Click on ‘Disney Plus’, from ‘VIP Services’. 

streaming services

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Step 3 – After you have selected the video, you can click on ‘Download Now’. 

Download Now

These are easy steps that you can follow to download the videos onto your device. You can now find out how to screen record Disney plus and follow the steps. 


Now, you can watch all kinds of content on Disney Plus. You do not have to depend on the internet for watching or downloading your favorite content. You can download it at any time and keep it on your device or transfer it to some other device. In the free version, you might have to tolerate the ads. However, you can choose to go with paid subscription plans, which cost around $8 per month, or you can go for bundled packages at $14 per month. So, it is time to enjoy your favorite content with mystream Disney plus downloader. 

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