Why You Need a Kitchen Display System in Your Restaurant

If you’re still operating your restaurant using handwritten tickets or printed tickets, then your restaurant could be suffering. Ticket times, order efficiency, and sales are all affected by how well your orders are taken, processed, and completed by your staff.

To increase operating efficiency and lower costs, many restaurant owners are turning to high-tech kitchen display technology. Are you looking for better ways to enhance your ordering and food management system? Here’s why you need a kitchen display system in your restaurant.

Higher Order Accuracy

During peak hours of operation, paper tickets can get lost or misplaced during the chaos that’s common in any kitchen. Paper tickets can also become damaged or defaced by spills and drops.

With a kitchen display system (KDS) like the one offered by GRUBBRR, orders are sent to food preparation staff members on a brightly lit screen with order details such as ingredients, side dishes, cook times, and other information. Order accuracy is far superior on a KDS than paper tickets.

Better Customer Service

Increased order accuracy and faster delivery of orders to tables mean better customer service and increased customer loyalty. When people go out to eat, they want their orders to be accurate and reach their table in a timely manner. Slow service can give your restaurant a bad reputation and lead to a loss of sales and customers.

A KDS has a positive impact on your customer service, which will lead to increased sales and increased profits.

Better Inventory Management

Food costs play a massive role in whether or not your restaurant will be profitable, and managing your inventory is crucial to keeping our food costs under control. A KDS will allow for automatic monitoring of inventory levels and order volume. The system can monitor sales and alert management when quantities become low.

Better inventory management also leads to better customer service. Running out of ingredients and menu items is not good for any foodservice business. Customers want what’s offered on your menu. If you frequently run out of certain items, customer loyalty goes down the drain along with your sales and reputation.

Increased FOH and BOH Efficiency

Good communication between the front of the house (FOH) staff and the back of the house (BOH) staff is crucial to a successful restaurant. A KDS system allows customers to place orders themselves and send them directly to the kitchen. A KDS also makes it easier for cooks and other food preparation staff to read and prepare orders.

Increased Sales

Better service will lead to higher sales and higher profits. A KDS can also save you money by elevating the need for additional wait staff. A KDS can allow customers to place their orders from a kiosk, menu board, or handheld device without the need of a waitstaff. Using less wait staff will lower your labor costs and save money. A KDS also eliminates the need to purchase paper tickets, paper menus, and printer paper.

The benefits of a KDS far outweigh the costs and are an excellent investment in your restaurant’s future success. As this technology continues to grow and becomes more advanced, it will become a crucial part of every successful restaurant.

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