6 Online Template Resources for Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting is all about ensuring that you have a clear picture of your income, petty cash, cost management, cash book, tax responsibilities, debts, paychecks, and everything other money-related.

However, keeping track of all of this might be difficult, especially if you’re heading a small team and wearing many hats. This is when a good accounting template comes in handy. An accounting template is a pre-made accounting statement that you may edit to fit your company’s needs. These templates usually come pre-populated or with a set of designated columns, and you simply fill in the blanks with your own financial data.


All you need to get started is Smartsheet’s collection of Excel spreadsheets. They’ve compiled a list of the top Excel Accounting templates available and made it available for download. They’re organized by function, making it simple to obtain a quick overview and choose the precise template you need. They provide free downloaded templates for a range of scenarios and the opportunity to invest in a dynamic solution to meet your Excel template demands even better.

Fundamentals of Business Accounting

For a variety of uses, Business Accounting Basics provides 16 free Excel bookkeeping templates. The list isn’t as big as others are, but it covers all of the essentials to get you started. Petty cash, cash book, company costs, sales invoice, and balance sheets are examples of resources. If your demands aren’t too complicated, it’s a great resource. Business Accounting Basics also offers free accounting software through various free trials, allowing you to test and evaluate what would best fit your organization’s more complex demands.


Lets you stay on top of your finances by allowing you to handle invoices, profit and loss statements, payroll slips, balance sheets, accounts payable and receivable, and more. They provide a huge variety of templates, opportunities to integrate charts and other sorts of data visualization, and a suggestion form if the available information does not meet your demands. Their website also offers resources like glossaries, FAQs, and a blog, making it a one-stop shop for many of your queries about requirements and kinds.

Bookkeeping for beginners

Beginner-bookkeeping.com is an excellent place to go for basic Excel accounting templates as well as information on how and when they should be utilized, such as what is a cash flow form and how to use it.

They also include information that clearly speaks through the principles of making papers using these templates and explains how the results are calculated, which is designed with a beginning and small business in mind. Their templates are open in Excel and work in OpenOffice, a free alternative to Excel, making it a great option for small firms with a limited number of software licenses.


If you want to take things a step further and invest in a low-cost online bookkeeping system with more features than just Excel spreadsheet templates, check out Themeforest’s selection of accounting systems available for a minimal fee. Themeforest offers a wide range of content kinds, including CMS website themes, blogger templates, and eCommerce templates. They, of course, provide spreadsheet templates. Themeforest focuses mostly on the aesthetic aspects of what may be offered, so they’re great for guaranteeing accurate colors and styles, but their accounting template capability isn’t as extensive as some of the other possibilities.


CloudBooks is a free accounting and invoicing program designed specifically for small businesses and freelancers. The program has over 2 million users and a feature set that includes invoicing, time tracking, reporting, and payment processing, among other things. Above all, the platform is an invoicing management solution, which might be a positive or a disadvantage depending on your requirements. While CloudBooks offers capabilities that go beyond invoicing, it appears that invoicing is its major selling point. Therefore it doesn’t have as many accounting functions as the other products on our list. If you seek outstanding invoice generating and management software, Cloudbooks is a great option. You might want to seek elsewhere if you want a more powerful accounting-specific solution.

Accounting Resources to Bookmark

Accounting professionals are notoriously busy, so we’ve collected a list of must-bookmark tools and templates for accountants to serve as a one-stop shop for individuals wishing to improve their accounting skills.


Accounting.com has a wealth of information for accountants of all levels. They include material for budding accountants, updates on accounting regulatory requirements, CPA test aids, and even small company guidance on their resource website.


Floqast is a business accounting software with a well-designed blog. The Floqast resource tab has a good mix of accounting history, news, and advice. They also provide some free accounting templates for month-end closure and bank reconciliation that are very useful for newcomers.


Not to brag, but the Trovata blog has a wealth of information on digital transformation and accounting automation. Trovata is the place to go if you’re a seasoned vet wishing to delegate Treasury chores or just want to take advantage of automated cash management technologies. Our information is intended to assist accountants in comprehending and embracing the advantages of digital financial transformation.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS): 

During tax season, the IRS is a useful resource for accountants. They provide all of the appropriate tax forms, instructions, and recommendations on their website. The IRS also publishes a weekly email for tax professionals that covers a number of tax-related issues in both English and Spanish.

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