Why You Should Optimize Your Showing for Local Search with SEO?

Google Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs for short, are a staple in the world of internet searching. The most basic function of a Search Engine Results Page is to show you which sites Google has ranked as the best result for your search term. You will see these pages if you click on any results link or use a site’s URL to search and not just if it is the first page of listings in Google Search itself. Let’s take a look at how Search Engines work!

What is SERP and how does it work?

Search Engines are a huge part of the internet and SEO. They help people find what they’re looking for by giving them results based on their search terms.

  • Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPS for short, show you which sites Google has ranked as the best result to your search term and where those sites appear in an order that ranks them from most relevant to least relevant.
  • Sites that show up higher than others have better rankings with less competition. At the same time, lower-ranking pages may be more prominent due to more competition but often not deserving any rank.
  • How can we tell? Search engines will give us a number next to each site’s name called its PageRank (PR) or Ranking Number Index (RN). The PR number measures how well Google thinks that page will satisfy the user’s intent.
  • Search engines like to say they offer “quality, not quantity,” meaning higher-ranking pages are better for users because there are less likely to be irrelevant links on them and more likely to give you what you’re looking for faster without having to sift through other content.
  • Search Engine Results Pages also have something called an AdWords ad at the top or bottom of each search results page to show ads related specifically to your query (if it has been enabled). This sometimes means when you search with no intention of clicking any site link but only browsing through their SERP listings, all you may see is one giant banner advertisement at the very top of the page.
  • Search Engine Results Pages are also a good place to look up information on a company, find reviews about different products and services or get any other kind of answer you can think of that might be online.
  • For example: if I search for “Best Vacuum Cleaner” in Google Search, it gives me results with ads (if enabled) and listings from sites like Amazon, Consumer Reports, and others to show the best vacuum cleaners available today based on users’ feedback.
  • If I were looking for something more niche like quotes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, then my SERP would include links to websites where people have uploaded their own quotations written by him – either because they found them interesting or just wanted some extra attention.
  • Search Engine Results Pages are a huge part of the internet and should be taken into consideration when looking for information online because they’re what Google has deemed as being relevant to your search term. In addition, they can have an impact on your life depending on how much you use them, so it’s important to know the basics about Search Engines and Search Engine Results Pages!

Name some of the best search engines:

Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and any other engine you can think of are some of the most popular ways to find information online. There’s a lot of competition for who might be the best search engine because they all have their strengths.

  • Google is known as being one of the top engines in terms of quality so sites will show up higher on their Search Engine Results Pages. But sites like Bing and Yahoo have a little less competition so they may show up lower in the Search Engines but will usually be more relevant because there’s less chance of irrelevant links or other content showing up instead.
  • Yahoo also has an advertising platform called Yahoo Gemini, which gives advertiser’s access to a new Search Engine Results Pages for Yahoo Search (the second largest search engine in the United States).
  • Bing Search also has a Search Engine Results Page that will show different results than Google Search because of their own search algorithms.

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