8 Party Ideas for Anyone

When it comes to planning jaw-dropping, fun, and creative themes for your birthday, retirement, wedding, dinner party, or whichever one it is, there are lots to consider, this is where budget comes in. Theme parties are not just about superheroes and princesses. This is why the experts of bucks and stag party planners in Bali are here to make that special day a memorable one.

Below are 8 party ideas to make that party happen and keep every guest entertained.

8 Party Ideas for Anyone

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Yard Party

The main point of the garden party is for guests to have a good time and enjoy themselves. However, when planning for an outdoor garden party, it’s advisable to always have a plan B for both the worst and best weather to avoid sending your visitors home early.

The Glint in the Dark Party 

This kind of party is to be held in a fairly dark space so that the colors and flashing lights pop. And it is best to be done at night because the darker the space the better the fun. All you have to do is to get all the necessary supplies and you’re good to go. 

Food Festival

If you want to throw a Coachella party in your backyard, a food festival is the best option. It is fun and exciting. Tell your friends to cook up their favorite dishes and bring them to the party.

Beer Festival 

This is for beer lovers. Hosting a beer party is a great way of getting all your friends together and it is not too expensive to plan. Just find the right location(indoor or outdoor), get your permits, and bring all the beers, stouts, and larger and good music.

Disco Party

Having a successful disco party is possible if you have the right music, decor, dance moves, costumes, and games. Decades come and go but disco parties remain one of the favorites, from bouncy beats to hair that rubs the ceiling.


A karaoke party is an amazing opportunity to bring your friends and family together to either celebrate or have a good time. Choose a theme from your celebrity artists or bands, prepare equipment and make sure to double-check them before the party, and tell your friends to send in a personal song request before the commencement of the party.  Prices should be given to those who participated and won in games and other activities. 

Costume party 

With a costume party, you can experience a whole new world. A month before the party, pick up a date, and time, list your guests, and select venues, decorations, foods, drinks, games, etc.  Costume parties can be enjoyed by both young and old.

Art Party 

When hosting an at-home party, make sure the decor is bright and enticing. Playing with decors comes with a feeling of satisfaction. It allows the guest to see art from different perspectives. You can plan colorful menus and make sure there are lots of options for picky eaters. Also, make a dessert activity, it is fun and refreshing.

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