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Making the right decision on a mattress is an essential task that determines the quality and the quantity of sleep and the rest one gets every night. Picking the right mattress can also determine the body’s health and posture as different mattresses are designed for different comfort or support levels or a balance of both. And one of the biggest dilemmas that people have is choosing between foam mattresses and point spring mattresses. The best pocket spring mattress in India is available in varied shapes and sizes, online and offline, for purchase.

            Spring mattresses are one of the most popular options that people look for in beds. Pocket spring mattresses are widely known for supporting the posture and the spine. Choosing the right mattress depends on the person’s need and if they line up with what the mattresses have to offer.

What is a Point Spring Mattress?  

 Point spring mattress has been around in the market, and it has earned the reputation as a premium mattress for a reason. It is one of the most comfortable, durable and versatile mattresses, and it holds good against any other one out there. The name point springs come from a group of tempered steel coils, placed and sealed into sturdy individual pockets. The mattress contains 300-400 single pockets that move independently of each other and can move freely. The pockets that contain springs are usually stuffed with pure cotton or synthetic cotton and are evenly placed for maximum comfort. These mattresses are well suited for all, but it’s especially for pregnant women and sportspersons who need good support for their spine.

Benefits of Pocket Spring Mattresses

1)    Suitable for Any Sleeping Position and Style

Pocket spring mattress causes immense relief from joint pain and muscle pain as the weight of the person gets distributed evenly all over. It also creates a bouncy feel for the sleeper to get comfortable in any sleeping position. It is suitable for every kind of sleeping position, and that is why everyone prefers it.

2)    It Can Accommodate Different Body Weights

The springs are divided into zones, and they serve different purposes to enhance the experience of sleep. The springs placed near the feet squeeze upon a medium amount of force as they are made of rigid gauge wires. The springs placed near the central part of the mattress that supports the hips, back and lower-back are firm but soft. 

The springs vary depending on the type and the purpose that the mattress is made for; an orthopaedic mattress, for example. The springs near the head and the neck hold the amount of firmness as they do below the feet so that they stay in position and shift as the head does. So, they can adjust to any bodyweight that is posed.

3)    Easy Movement Experience

One of the main benefits of having individual springs encased inside cotton-filled pockets is that only the coils experiencing pressure from the body react to it. The other coils refrain from springing up as one rolls over from one side of the mattress to another.

4)    Good Firmness and Body Support

Spring mattresses known for its body support are an excellent pick for those looking to maintain firm support for their back and the spine, especially for orthopaedic needs and other health reasons. The springs’ design ensures that enough support is provided to the body to maintain its position and not harm it. It also allows the sleeper to get up erect instead of rolling out, as seen in foam mattresses, which makes it easier and more comfortable.

5)    Great Breathability and Temperature Control

The pockets designed in the mattress allow the air to flow well between the body and the material, making it exceptionally breathable. Usually, when a person sleeps, the body temperature rises, which might lead them to experience an uncomfortable amount of heat through their sleep. As the mattress’s springs are placed in pockets with room for easy air circulation, it allows the body to maintain its average temperature and keep it cool and cosy throughout the night.

6)    It Has Great Durability

Pocket mattresses are known for their long-lasting feature and durability as they can withstand the changing weights of people for a long time without compromising on comfort. They have a lifespan of up to 8 or 10 years, and they are fairly easy to maintain. When it comes to the best pocket spring mattresses in India, many selections provide excellent comfort, family-friendly, and easy to maintain.

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