Popular Glasses Trends for You, Them, and Everyone

Unless you’re new to wearing glasses, you’ve probably tried a few pairs before the ones you’re wearing today. 

I’m sure that if you rifle through the junk drawers in your home you will find an entire lifetime of glasses trends that have come and gone. Then, there will be one or two pairs that have lasted you through several lifetimes and will never go out of style. Sound familiar?

While it’s true that glasses trends rarely last long, there is no feeling that beats being on-trend at the pinnacle of a new cultural scene. You might not ever wear them again but when you look back at the glasses you wore in old photos, each one is iconic of a certain time in your life.

Looking at Feel Good Contacts sales for 2022 vs 2023, we can get a pretty good idea of what everyone will be wearing this year and what will become tomorrow’s future nostalgia.

Rainbow Plastics

The transparent plastics trend that popped up in 2019 has taken on new life with transparent-colored acetate. 


Eyewear Bling

People are loving these thin-rim wire metal frame styles in oversized and miniature shapes, sometimes with embellishments. The recurring features holding this trend together are the slender metals in pale shades of silver, gold, and rose gold. Whatever it is driving this trend, it’s a sophisticated, dainty look that is blowing up men’s, women’s, and unisex glasses styles.


Rounded Square 

There are a lot of options out there. When you’re a shopper in 2023, there is everything available to us but not enough money to buy them all, especially during a cost-of-living crisis. The rounded square shape brings the best of both worlds, which could be one of the main appeals.

Rounded Square

Even with constant changes in fashion, there are some styles and brands that consistently appear in our bestsellers list. Usually, these brands are in the high-performance category of glasses from reliable brands which are known for excellent quality. 


Oakley plays in its own league when it comes to sunglasses, but its fans are fans-for-life. Oakley’s specialist activewear glasses will always have a strong following and can be reglazed over and over again.



The originator of so many popular styles – the Aviator, the Clubmaster, the Wayfarer, Ray-Ban practically created eyewear fashion as we know it. Need I say more?


Similarly, Le Specs and Emporio Armani have been in the glasses game for so long that they have perfected the art of creating their timeless signature styles. Customers can instantly recognize their designs and they trust that the frames will be well-made. 

Emporio Armani

Everyone knows the name. Even if they don’t associate the frame with the brand, they will recognize the style too. Emporio Armani’s rectangle frames are sophisticated, appropriate in any setting, and unmistakably designer.


Le Specs

As one of the early manufacturers to start distributing glasses at retail, Le Specs is a respected eyewear brand. When someone is seeking quality, something that they will hang on to forever, a quirky pair of glasses from Le Specs is an investment that can stay in your rotation for decades.

Le Specs

Interestingly, where brand loyalty becomes irrelevant some styles are recycled, reimagined, and repeated year-on-year. These are the popular styles from over the years that have stood the test of time. You’ll see every eyewear brand sell its own version to get a slice of the pie.

Black Rectangles

There is a science behind the evergreen popularity of full-rimmed rectangle glasses frames. The rigid shape and strong silhouette create a structure that complements facial features. Previously, glasses were made small to account for the heavier materials that they were made from, to keep them light and comfortable. This is still the case for stronger prescriptions which make lenses thicker. So, whether you have a heart-shaped face or a round one, 20/20 vision, or very short-sightedness, your glasses will suit your face and your lifestyle.



There comes a time in everyone’s life when they want to try an Aviator glasses look. Most people will try it at some point, even if it’s in a plano (0 power) prescription. It is such a popular style that there are one million and one different variations, so this style comes back year after year.


If you want to learn more about the most popular styles of the moment, browse through the best-sellers at popular online retailers’ websites like Feel Good Contacts. 

Top Tip for Online Shoppers: For those who feel the urge to stand out from the crowd, shop left field online and browse from the middle pages of the website rather than the first, second, or popular sellers pages. Alternatively, you can filter by style, shape, color, material, or brand to find something that’s uniquely flattering on you.

Whatever look you’re going for in 2023, enjoy wearing glasses that make you feel confident, happy, and ready to make memories.

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