Why Packaging is Important: 7 Reasons

Imagine this scenario in your head:

Someone ordered a beautiful piece of clothing from you for their next big event > Your brand promises to deliver it in 3 days > This makes them even happier > On the day, the delivery boy comes in and hands your product to them.

But wait here is the twist.

The boy just handed them the cloth, covered with thin plastic. And because the plastic cover was so cheap, the dress was worn out from several places.

How is that going to make them feel?

Not only was your product destroyed but you also lost a customer and his/her trust.

Yes, it’s totally agreeable that packaging is a one-time use thing and then it mostly goes to waste. But before you base your whole argument on this, understand that you can also go for a lot of other sustainable packaging supplies for your product. You just need to be creative enough. You just need to be creative enough or let a trusted packaging company like Zenpack do all the work for you.

So, lets now understand why packaging is important for any business in 5 points-

1. Protection

This is the most obvious and important aspect of packaging.  You spend a lot of time and effort in curating your product, so it’s obvious you would want your customer to enjoy it. But if they receive their package in a damaged condition, it will be of no use to them.

That is why packaging is important. It protects your product from any kind of damages that may happen during transit. Packaging keeps your product safe, so the external factors don’t hamper what’s inside. But, don’t overdo it.

If you are less on budget, create a packaging module that is sufficient enough to protect the product, so it reaches the end-user properly.

2. Attractiveness

According to the latest survey, 7 in every 10 consumers, that’s roughly 72% of consumers say that attractive packaging has more influence on their purchasing decision than the product.

Fascinating but at the same time, not surprising. Why? Tell me, how many times have you opened gifts that were packed with attractive wrappers than the ones which were simply bought? I bet the number for the former exceeds by at least twice. That is what good packaging does.

An attractive packaging matters just as much as your product.

It just enhances the overall presentation for the package and gives your customers a wholesome experience of buying a product with you.

3. Usability

Yes, if you are smart and environmentally conscious, then it’s not hard to go for sustainable packaging for your business. Nowadays, consumers are looking for more packages that are easy to open and can be stored for later.

As a result, your investment in your packaging proves worth it and it doesn’t create any harm to our environment. How cool is that!

4. Accurate Deliveries

It’s not a surprise that in a day hundreds of packages go out for deliveries.

Your package is bound to get delayed or worse, missed if it doesn’t contain proper information about the place of delivery. That is when packaging becomes important because then you can add customer information on the top to ensure it gets delivered properly.

5. Conveys Information

There is always going to be something you need to tell your customer about the product. It may be regarding the usability of the product or what things you should avoid, how to store the product and how to wash it (in case of washable items).

There can also be information regarding the ingredients that were used, what are the extra ways you can use this item, or the refund/ exchange policies. Your packaging does this job for you.

Instead of explaining everything to individual customers, your packaging will depict all the information that you need to communicate to your customer.

7. Stand Out

Last but definitely the most useful reason why you should invest in packaging more is that it makes your brand stand out.

Good packaging is the cheapest marketing gimmick you would ever invest in. It helps to build your brand, differentiate you from your competitor, and make your customer choose you over others.

So, make sure whatever packaging you choose, not only protects your product but also speaks for your platform.

Over to You…

Let’s all admit it: packaging does a lot more benefit to our business than any of us can imagine. From protecting to ensuring delivery and building your brand, it does everything. So, choose your packaging strategy properly.

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