5 Reasons Your Drains Are Blocked

Ah…information. Knowing exactly the cause of a problem can be priceless by getting informed. While the popular opinion is that every homeowner must experience drainage blockage multiple times in a lifetime, I strongly believe that putting the right preventive measures in place can prove that assertion wrong. And that is why, in this article, I have explained the 5 reasons your drains are blocked. On the side, if you’re based in London, check in here for the best London drain blockage service.

Grease Build-Up

Wastewater coming from the kitchen contribute hugely to drain blockage. The thing is most homeowners are caught in the habit of flushing fat-contained water and greasy water down the sink. The fat, after a long period of time, hardens to clog up the pipes. To avoid this, keep those glass jar containers of used foodstuffs around the sink to pour fats and grease into before disposing of used water. These jars can then be disposed of along with the rubbish in the dumpster whenever the waste management municipals come around.

Hair Build-up

Where do those hairs come from? Yes, you guess right, from the bathroom and the toilets. Generally, strands of hair build-up to block the drain when shaved hairs are flushed down the toilet, the shower, or the bathroom sink consistently. In some rare cases, however, hairs fall off the body in the shower in the most unnoticeable amount to build up in the drainage over time. To avoid this, be conscious to always shave your hair into a container which should then be burnt or discarded in the dumpster. Meanwhile, if your drains are already blocked with chunks of hair, make use of hair removal cleaners or drainage cleaners or simply remove with gloved hands in the case of mild blockages.

Blocked Drains From Toiletries

If you’re living alone as a male on your property and you don’t have females sleeping over in your house, this will never happen. But as long as you have a female sharing the house with you, most females find it easier to flush their used sanitary pads down the toilet than the proper steps-fold way. Just a single sanitary pad can be a disaster. And while you may not be buoyant enough to warn the inconsiderate female neighbor next door of such a nonchalant attitude, try to figure out a way to talk about it with your landlord or your agent, as the case may be.

Broken Pipes

A damaged pipe can cause wastewater to leak into your home or your business property. And pipe brakes or get damaged in other ways over time. To avoid this from repeating too frequently, secure that your drainage repairer makes use of quality pipes during the repair process.

Plant And Dirt Build-up

Plant and dirt can build up in your pipe in various ways. For one, if you wash vegetables often in your kitchen sink instead of in a container of water, you will have sands and plants building up in your drainage. Another way through which dirt and plants can build up to clog your pipes is if you fail to weed the earth around your buried pipes as frequently as you should.

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