Are You Suffering to Connect With the Rconnect Portal? Let Me Help

Reliance has a headstrong presence in the global marketing world where it came into existence in 1977 with the belief of Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani. This magnificent India based company has an omniscient presence in every service from digital to textiles.

Encompassing its services throughout, Reliance holds a big part of the country’s economy too. With multiple services offered it has millions of employees working strenuously behind its glooming performance. 

To manage such an amount of employers, Reliance HMRS( Human Resource Management System) built an important portal to stack the employee details immaculately at one place.

If you are a current employee in Reliance or the new incurred one then the stats and information below must assist you in the Rconnect portal.

Let’s explore the portal of Reliance employees without any further hindrance. 

Rconnect Features

Here are some Rconnect features that make it perfect for the use of its employees. Let’s get into it one by one.

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  • Employee Friendly

Employees can stay updated with their work details through this online portal without physically joining the hectic process of connecting with the concerned employee.

Reliance employee portal manges to keep the process of login, registration,account and password reset easy for the user.

Hey! Are you aware that Lt. Dhirubhai Ambani was awarded the second highest civilian award of the country i.e. Padma Vibhushan in the year 2016 posthumously.
  • Online Companion

Rconnect portal is specifically made for maintaining the  data of the Reliance employees online. It also accompanies its employees in gaining various knowledge of their pay slip, vacations, leave applications, attendance and much more  through a simple login.

  • Instant Solutions

Multiple conflict resolving directions are available for the employees to get their solutions at the earliest. If a person suffers in their portal with any of the impediments from pay sip to the applications then he/she has options to inform the department through emails, phone number,or department portal.

Are you aware of this amazing fact that current chairman of Reliance, Mr. Mukesh Ambani has been included in Forbes list of most powerful personalities of the world.

Imperative Details Before Entering Rconnect Portal

Considering to Login to the Rconnect portal amiably then the information below must help you. Inspect the important details and scrutinise whether you have given a look at these important details or not.

  • Rconnect Website URL or Address is the address to primarily connect with the employee portal of Reliance. Be careful while finding the website in any of the browsers. 

  • Login ID and Password

One must have the right knowledge of their Login ID and Password details to connect safely, securly and fastly to avail the information in the portal.

  • Internet Connection

A good network with a healthy internet connection can assure fast access to the Rconnect portal without any pebbles of any data or network drowning cases.

  • Smart Gadget to Connect 

Smart Gadgets like Computer laptops, android, tablets or any other browser connected smart devices should be used to enjoy the services efficiently.

How to Login to Rconnect?

To enjoy the sumptuous service of Rconnect employees must know the way to Login primarily. Might be a case that you stumble while accessing the Login Portal of Rconnect.

Facing the matter of “unable to login into Rconnect” then stop vexing your nerves as simple solutions wait below to help you.

  1. Enter into your Rconnect portal with your smart gadget with a healthy internet connection.
  1. Fill in your Login ID and Password details.
Reconnect employee portal
  1. Tap on the Sign in option and you will be successfully directed into the Rconnect website.

Important: Passwords in Rconnect specifically follow the rule of R@DDMMYYYY(employe’s date of birth). Gauge whether you have followed the same pattern or not.

Note:  Reconfirm your password and ID details as this might be the primary reason behind your Login issue.

How to Login into Rconnect for the First Time?

Here is the Login process for the users who are finding it difficult to enter the portal through a Login ID or Password details while using it for the first time.

Being a first time user requires some precautions and alertness to start with. Steps and important precautions and details have been inscripted for your convenience. 

  1. Go to the Rconnect portal through any browser.
  1. The next page of Rconnect will ask you for your Id and Password details. 
  • Follow the specific password rules of Rconnect
    • Passwords should have a maximum length of 20.
    • Use the symbol ‘@&#’ inbetween.
    • Passwords should be alphanumeric i.e it cannot be just numerical or alphabetical.
  1. Fill in the details and tap on Sign in.
  1. You will reach your destination of Rconnect employees.

How to Change Passwords in Rconnect Portal?

If you have stumbled in the situation where the password has just slipped off your mind then here is the way to restart your Login journey.

password tactics
  1. First enter into the Rconnect portal. You will be redirected to the page asking for your ID and password. Click on Cancel.
Reconnect employee portal
  1. On the next page tap on “Click here to reset/ unlock your password”.
change Rconnect password
  1. Click on the Password Reset option on the next page.
Login password reset issue
  1. Next,you will be asked for some brief details from your username to your Date of birth. After filling, tap on “Submit”.
  1. Further you will be receiving the new password on your registered email ID or phone number through mail and messages respectively.
Important: Employee will be given a new reset password message either in his registered corporate no. or Rconnect or the personal no. that is synced with their Rconnect profile.
  1. Refresh the Rconnect page and enter the ID and password that has been sent to you in your email ID or the registered phone number. Tap on LOGON.
  1.  On the next page you will be asked to change your password as per your will. You can reset your password.

Contact Info

Contact meme

While resolving the Rconnect troubles if you still need the guide then feel free to contact through Rconnect email, contact no. and addresses.

Resolving Rconnect issues
  • Email

  • Contact No


  • Corporate Office

       Reliance Industries Limited

       Maker Chambers – IV

       Nariman Point

       Mumbai 400 021, India

Issues Faced During Rconnect Login

Problems and issues leave no corner unturned. One can face problems while visiting the Rconnect Login site. A list of the issues has been added below. Go through them and know if you are going through the same.

  • Unable to Login

Login problems can be one you might be facing. Basic details of User Id and its password are asked from the user. Through the simple access to the Rconnect website one can enter its world.

  • Being A New User Have No Idea of the Login Way

Might be a case that you are struggling with the employee portal of Rconnect as you are new to its website. Well some minor rules of Password or Portal address might be ending you up in Login problems

  • If You Have Forgot the password

Forgetting passwords in the galaxy of numerous accounts is possible. 

Issues can be resolved with minor changes and right steps thus a right knowledge of the site and certain rules can surely make useful changes in our trembling approach towards Login.

Solutions to Rconnect Portal Login Issues

Rconnect portal is the one stop destination for the tons of employees in Reliance to know their personal vacations to pay slip details. 

Brief solutions with employee-friendly steps have been calibrated below to solve the common Login & Password issues.

As per the current updated statistics there are 3,42,982 employees of Reliances slogging their days to keep the company’s goal and stature at the right place.


Ans: You cannot change the Corporate no. that you have registered with as it is already updated and certified by the JIO team.

Ans: Yes, an employee has the incentive of changing his registered personal no. in the Rconnect website as per the policies of Reliance and Rconnect.

Ans: One can download the slip from the easily.

Ans: Reliance corporation first began its journey as a Polyester firm in the year 1966.

Ans: No, there is no application rendering the service of Rconnect login and registration for employees. Pay huge attention when you try to find one.

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