Five Tips to Get Rid of Mice in Your House

Many people want to get rid of mice present in their homes, but they don’t know the right way to get rid of them. If you also want to know how to get rid of mice in the house, then read till the end to know the answer. Mice exterminator also helps in getting rid of mouses in the house. Here, we will give you five tips that will help you get rid of mice in your house.

1. Close all Their Entry Points

The first thing you should do to get rid of mice is to close all their entry points. These points will also help them in temporarily escaping when you do any anti-mice spray. First, close all these points because it will also help stop more mice from entering the house. Mice make several entering and escaping points in the house, so remember to close all of them. Try to use steel and avoid using wood, rubber, or plastic because the mouse can easily make holes in those things.

2. Place Mouse Traps in Your House

Mousetraps help in trapping the mouses present in the house. Place the mouse traps on the points where you often saw a mouse in your house. If you don’t have a mousetrap, then go and buy it now because they play an essential role in getting rid of mice.

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3. Clean the Food Crumbs in Your House

Like every living thing, a mouse also can’t survive without food. The food crumbs present on the floor help mice in staying alive. When you clean all the crumbs present on the floor and on the kitchen shelves, mouse present in your house will not get anything to eat. They are unable to survive without food, then either they leave the house or die struggling for food. So, clean the food crumbs present on the various surfaces or on the floors in your house.

4. Adopt a Cat

If you are facing a mouse problem in your house, then it is the right time to adopt a cat. Cats love to caught mouses, and they also kill them. So, adopt a cat for your house because cats are very helpful and cats not only caught or kill mice but they also kill other insects present in the house. So, adopt a cat if you want to get rid of mice in your house.

5. Poison

You can get the pills from the market. These pills are made of meat or chicken, and the poison is present inside them. The mouse dies after eating these pills. So, purchase these pills from the market if you want to get rid of mice. 


In this guide, we mention five tips that will help you in getting rid of mice present in the house. First, close all their entry points in the house as these points allow more mice to enter the house. Also, place a mousetrap in your house and clean the food crumbs in your house. You can also adopt a cat and use poison pills. These are the tips which will help you in getting rid of mouses.

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