How to Achieve Scandinavian Interior Design in a Landed House

Designing a house whether big or small can have its own challenges but it is commonly believed that designing a bigger house is not that big of a problem. However, this cannot be more wrong. In fact, a bigger house poses more challenges since you have to carefully utilize all the space so that it doesn’t look too minimal or too congested. 

A landed house in Singapore usually is a larger property which makes it a bit more difficult to use all the space in the most practical yet beautiful way. Before approaching an interior designer, you should have some idea or theme in your mind as to what types of landed house interior design you want for your house. 

Here, we will discuss one of the most sought-after trending interior designs that everyone is obsessed with: Scandinavian design. This style predominantly features minimal ornamentation and emphasis on functionality.  We will show you how you can achieve this style in your landed house. 

Crisp Lines and Functionality

The Scandinavian design utilizes clean and crisp lines in furniture instead of it being big and bulky. Bulky furniture is just the opposite of minimalism and hence not a part of Scandinavian design. Whether it is the living room, bedrooms, or dining room, the furniture is always slender and takes much less space. This makes the area look decluttered and spacious. The furniture also has to be functional in this design which allows for maximum storage space in an efficient manner.

Muted Tones Neutral Colors

Scandinavian design is largely dominated by muted tones and neutral colors. So usually you will see different shades of greys, whites, browns, and blacks. But it doesn’t have to be just these colors. Some might think that these colors create a dull or monotonous space. So you can add a pop of color through certain elements. 

For example, imagine a living room with white walls, grey curtains, and grey furniture. If it looks too dull to you, you can add a few cushions of yellow, blue, or green color to brighten up the space. You can also add a couple of colorful wall paintings or art pieces but such colorful elements should not overpower the visual appearance. They should only be used as accents and create a great contrast against the neutral walls. Remember, the main theme is Scandinavian, so the muted colors should be the ones overpowering the appearance. 

Natural Lighting

Scandinavian design mainly utilizes lots of natural lighting which makes the space appear brighter, cleaner, and elegant. To achieve lots of natural lighting, make sure that your windows are large and plenty throughout the house. A landed house can allow you to have large full-size windows through which plenty of natural light can enter. In a Scandinavian design, the curtains are kept thin and sheer to allow the natural light to flow through. For the night, to achieve such an effect, you can add plenty of pendant lights and wall sconces with white light bulbs.

Plants and Fresh Flowers

Since a Scandinavian design mainly consists of neutral colors and tones, it needs something extra to add a pop of color or to liven up the space. One of the best and easiest ways to achieve this is to add plenty of fresh flowers and plants throughout the space. 

You can add large planters with big green plants in different corners of the rooms. For the shelves and tables, you can opt for smaller plant pots with colorful flowers and plants. Cactus plant pots look very elegant and classy in a Scandinavian design.

Warm Textiles

In a Scandinavian design, one should always opt for warm textiles. This warmth is in terms of both the material of the textile as well as their color. Wool, mohair, and sheepskin work together really well in a Scandinavian design and help to create a more comfortable and cozy environment. Similarly, for sofas and chairs, the upholstery could be jute or burlap. 

To create a contrast with the neutral walls and furniture in this design theme, opt for warm colors for upholstery and linens. When combined with lots of white light, this will make the space much more elegant and create a timeless impression on anyone who enters the home.

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