Easily Send Fax from Google (Gmail, Drive, Docs & Sheets)

Gone those days when someone has to hear the annoying fax machine tone each time you send or receive a fax. It is the 21st century and, like everything else, the fax process has also simplified. Now, a single click is required to send a fax.

Guess what! You even don’t require a fax machine for the job. 

You can send a fax directly from your G-suite. Yes, it’s true. You can send a fax directly from your Gmail, Drive, Docs, and Sheets. This type of fax is known as Google Fax. Using this tool, you can fax at zero hassle. 

But, this won’t happen automatically. You need a tool that will support this function. Well, we know one such tool, and this article is all about it. So, why waste any more time? Read the article to unveil some more information about this tool. 

CocoFax – The Trusted Way to Send Fax from Google 

Google has become the backbone of almost every second business these days. At the time of writing, there are over 2 billion G-suite users in the world. It’s an impressive number. 

To enhance its utility a bit further, Google offered Google Fax facility. Using this facility, users can send/receive faxes directly from their G-suite. But, to avail of this facility, you need an online fax number.  

CocoFax  service is the world’s most famed and renowned online fax service provider that makes Google Fax easy-to-grab, pocket-friendly, and a reliable thing. Over 200,000 individuals and businesses have already used this platform to send/receive faxes from Google.

It offers a well-integrated Google Fax facility that will receive faxes from your behalf, convert it into PDF files, and send it over your Gmail account, Drive, Docs, and Sheets. 

With services so flawless and commendable, many leading media outlets have featured CocoFax in their special edition.

If you need to know why the whole world is singled out to use Google to fax the facility only via CocoFax then check this award and recognition list. It’s mind-blowing and clear proof of the viability of CocoFax. 

The Merits of CocoFax 

Such sort of laudable recognition and acknowledgment at the global level is not baseless. It’s well-reasoned. 

There are tons of qualities and merits that help CocoFax to gain an edge over its competitors. And, knowing all of them before taking it on board is important. So, here we are, presenting some of the most praiseworthy qualities of CocoFax that aren’t seen elsewhere. 

No need to worry about device compatibility 

CocoFax is one tool that allows you to fax from anywhere. You don’t have to indulge yourself in a tedious software/hardware installation process to fax from Google. Also, no special device is required to access this tool. 

You can use it over any platform as it’s compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. 

All the leading browsers are also compatible with CocoFax. It offers a highly feature-rich free-to-download mobile that you can download on your phone and send faxes from anywhere and anytime. 

World’s top-notch security encryption 

We all have some very sensitive information saved in our G-suite and none of us has the guts to compromise on its security. Though Google takes appropriate measures to ensure data safety, you can fall into the nippers of a heinous cybercrime if you don’t use a reliable Google Fax solution. 

When it comes to security, there is no other online Google fax service provider that offers high-end security measures as CocoFax does. It’s a SOC 2 Type II Certified tool that meets all kinds of leading companies like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR. 

Each fax is backed with a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. Hence, the odds of malpractice are very bleak. All the information will remain safe. In fact, CocoFax safeguards the in-transit faxes as well.


Fax maintenance is as easy as flipping a pancake 

Some of the faxes can contain some very crucial information that no one can afford to misplace or lose. So, better fax management is very important, especially for businesses. With CocoFax, this job is done at the drop of a hat. 

CocoFax comes with some impressive in-built features like Searchable Fax, Fax Archives, and Fax Preview that manage all your fax documents in a better way. At the same time:

  • You also get unlimited fax storage space wherein you can store all of your fax documents. 
  • You will also get delivery reports for all the faxes to know whether or not the fax has reached its destination. 


A bit more flexible faxing 

Though sending faxes from Google is more than anything else, CocoFax goes the extra mile to make fax a bit more flexible to offer in-built Microsoft add-ons. 

With the help of CocoFax, you can send a fax from applications like Word, Excel, and OneNote without owning a fax modem or machine. 


The Cherry-On-Cake – Cost-effective Pricing 

No matter how lucrative the features and facilities sound, end-users won’t go for any product unless the price doesn’t sound reasonable. 

Well, with CocoFax, you’ll get services at a reasonable price. It allows you to send international fax in around 189 nations from Google at peanut’s cost. 

It offers three different subscriptions and each one offers the best deal in the market. With its basic plan, international fax will cost only 15 cents. Can anything be more affordable than this? We bet there is nothing.   

To your surprise, it offers a 30-days money-back guarantee as well. So, you will get each of your pennies back if you aren’t satisfied with its services. 

However, the odds of that happening are very bleak. It doesn’t ask for any credit card details in prior. You can continue its services as you please. There is also no cancellation fee to pay. Just quality services. 

The Final word – Fax is just the job of a tap with CocoFax.

With the help of CocoFax, sending or receiving fax is no more a tedious job. Just a single click and the job is done. This tool has integrated highly advanced fax technology and allows its users to send/receive faxes from Google directly. 

There is no hardware/software set-up to use its services. So, don’t drag yourself into the hassle of setting up a fax machine and pay for its maintenance. Just get CocoFax and start sending/receiving faxes from your Google account. 

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