Enhancing Your SEO Strategy to Cope Up with the Pandemic Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a massive disruption in economic activity all over the world. A lot of businesses have been forced to shut down as consumer behavior continues to change, allocating their resources mostly for medical and essential products or services. However, other businesses, instead of taking a break, have been trying different approaches to survive the post-pandemic crisis. This is an article contributed by Christopher J. Hanna.

One of the ways for your business to survive the pandemic crisis is by making a strong online presence. After all, most of your target customers are still in home isolations and trying to avoid contact with the outside world due to the virus. With this, they spend most of their time surfing the internet and use it to buy essential products and medical supplies. 

However, some recent surveys show that online retailers have somewhat remarkably, experiencing record-breaking sales using eCommerce platforms. Due to this reason, it is essential to enhance your online presence now through the help of Atomic Design Nashville SEO.

SEO: The perfect tool for post-pandemic success

Enhancing your SEO strategy is one of the best and most cost-effective ways of establishing a robust online presence despite the pandemic crisis. And it’s an excellent and sustainable approach to business recovery too.

Below are some of the benefits that SEO can offer despite the volatility and demand fluctuation every business is experiencing today.

Enhancing your SEO provides better traffic.

While competing for the SERPs spot is quite challenging, it’s all worth it, especially during this pandemic crisis as people use search engines like Google more than ever. What you can do is to revisit some of your old or ever-green contents and re-optimized each of them to suit the pandemic conditions. By doing this, it has a better chance of driving traffic to your website.

Enhance UX through SEO.

Another way to attract visitors is by enhancing the user experience in your site. Make sure to evaluate your site’s functionality from a UX perspective and look for areas that need to be improved so you can push visitors further down the conversion funnel. Don’t know how to enhance your site’s user experience? You can ask the Atomic Design Nashville SEO for help.

Make your content highly relevant.

Another way to retain visitors on your website is to provide them useful content that is highly relevant to their current situation and how it will help them to cope up with the pandemic. Crafting content that offers value to your customers is a surefire way of boosting your site to get a spot on search engine results. After all, content is king.

SEO can improve your reach.

Enhancing your SEO strategy by keeping your SEO practices up-to-date, especially your keywords, allows you to reach more people as well as improving your search ranking. Moreover, SEO also allows you to reach people within your local area. Since people are limiting their travel due to the pandemic, this is the perfect time to connect with them. By utilizing Google my business listing, it makes your business highly visible to people who are searching for related products or services in your local area.

Effective COVID-Proof SEO Strategies

Due to the effect of COVID-19 restrictions where people need to maintain social distancing, delivery or pick-up of goods becomes the new normal. And people have no other options but to look for buying options on their screen. This brings an excellent opportunity for businesses to take advantage of it and make more profit. Below are some effective and COVID-proof SEO strategies that you might want to miss.

Educating Instead of Promoting.

Since people spend most of their time now on screen time, they’re looking for something that interests or educates them. People are looking for new things to learn about. So instead of making traditional promotions, you might want to provide content that encourages engagements and build relationships. Making your website becomes a reliable source of info, especially in this time of the pandemic crisis. Start producing educational content and make sure to update your readers with current and up-to-date topics.

Make a dedicated COVID-19 landing page.

By having a dedicated COVID-19 landing page that covers some essential virus updates, it allows you to attract more visitors quickly. However, instead of providing current ongoings for COVID-19, focus on how your business or brand is doing to combat the virus and how you are contributing to its prevention. You might even want to show your relief efforts if you have one. More importantly, always provide useful coronavirus-specific content that can help build trust in your brand.

Conclusion and About the Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of people to stay indoors and practice social distancing. However, even how bad the situation is allows people to make more time on the screen. With this, it opens an excellent opportunity to grow your business and show off the best side of your brand. With a strong SEO strategy like these tips we have mentioned above, you can catch your target audience’s attention even the pandemic blows over.

Christopher J. Hanna is a known entrepreneur who is the founder of Atomic Design, a digital marketing company that has specialization in SEO and Web development and design. He is also the owner of TSM Agency. At the young age of 25, he already sold his six-figure business. He helped over a thousand digital marketing agencies through consulting and digital marketing strategies.  

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