Is Your Child Ready to Learn a New Musical Instrument?

There is nothing more thrilling than seeing your child grow every day. Part of their development is acquiring new skills naturally such as singing or dancing. On the other hand, there are also some skills you can teach or encourage them to learn such as playing a musical instrument. However, you should know that your child needs to be ready before you push him to learn a specific instrument. As a parent, it is your duty to observe whether they are fully ready to start learning an instrument or not. 

Signs They’re Ready to Learn a New Musical Instrument

To help you figure out if your kids are ready, consider the following signs.

They Know How to Read and Count

Learning a musical instrument is dependent on your child’s cognitive abilities. It will demand their knowledge on how to read simple details on tabs and count rhythmic patterns. If your child can confidently recite the alphabet and count numbers, learning an instrument will be a lot easier for them and their instructor.

They Show Interest in Music

One key factor in effective learning is intrinsic motivation and interest is one of them. You’d know that your child is ready if he opens up about learning an instrument or you hear him listening or watching tutorials on the internet. This is a prime sign that will let you say, “I should enroll him as early as possible.” Once you observe this positive attitude of your child, don’t ignore it and ask him what specific instrument he wants to learn.

They Can Concentrate for a Long Period

Learning a new instrument can eat so much of your kid’s time. If you noticed that your child has improved in terms of giving focus to one task for a longer period, then it’s a good signal. Beginner cello players need to practice for 10-20 minutes every day. If your child can do it, then he’s up for it!

They Can Follow Directions

If you plan to enroll your child in a musical class, you need to ensure that he can understand and follow directions. Since he needs to deal with his teacher, it would be easier if he already knew how to comprehend and apply the directions while practicing. Good behavior is essential for effective learning to happen.

Tips to Support Your Child with Their New Musical Instrument

As a parent, you can support your children by following these tips.

  • Find the right teacher or suitable online lesson provider. For the piano, Flowkey is a great kids’ option. Check this review out.
  • Guide them in choosing the size of the instrument that you think would fit them.
  • Encourage them every day and don’t forget to cheer them on.
  • Make their practice more fun.
  • Surround or expose them to music.


It’s not a bad scheme to push your child to learn new skills, especially playing an instrument. However, it will also result in poor parenting if you’ll just expose your child to an alien environment when he’s not in fact ready. Learning takes on new challenges, and your child needs to prep himself for every new journey he meets so he can avoid traumatic experiences. As parents of these lovable children, start supporting and preparing them so they can have a better childhood experience while learning a new skill.

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